Jumeirah Carlton Tower Knightsbridge – London City View Suite

Jumeirah Carlton Tower Knightsbridge – London City View Suite

Knightsbridge London is a location that I love. Trending in the latest boutiques and restaurants, it is an area that caters for both leisure or business. The shopping area is the best London can offer, and as for street style, there are so many latest trends happening here.  There is no better feeling than walking on cobbled streets in the affluent location called Belgravia. Just a stone throws away there are so many luxury shops I could explore, including the famous department store Harrods. There is so much culture in London so delving into the Knightsbridge area, I could explore museums, exhibitions and galleries.

Jumeirah Carlton Tower is so accessible to all of these individual boutiques and London attractions. This hotel is all about embracing its inner and outer surroundings. This hotel caters for everyone’s lifestyle, whether I was taking an early morning swim in The Peak Health Club and Spa, having afternoon tea with live classical music or sipping a cocktail. If I didn’t want to venture out, Jumeirah Carlton Tower has three restaurants, plus private dining, so plenty of options to stay in. Whilst I was here, there was a wedding happening in the Ballroom which accommodates up to 400 guests for dinner and can host up to 700 people for a reception. The atmosphere was electrifying.

Jumeirah Carlton Tower Knightsbridge – London City View Suite - Review


I wandered from area to area and floor to floor. The endless abundance of objects and ornaments throughout this hotel makes it a very homely feel and a place that welcomes everyone. There are plenty of zones to entertain guests which I like. The dark cabinetry throughout this area gave it an effortless flow between each area, and it is a very cosy and welcoming environment.

Jumeirah Carlton Tower Knightsbridge – London City View Suite - Review

London City View Suite

There are 158 guests rooms and 58 suites to choose by here at Jumeirah Carlton Tower. During my stay, I was pampered with the London City View Suite. My suite was very spacious with stunning views across London. I appreciated the dedicated spaces that are allocated here. I liked how I was greeted firstly by a corridor, which I could place my shoes and coat. Then to be greeted by an open lounge space for entertaining business guests, this space was very welcoming. With a continuous view of London, I and my guests thoroughly enjoyed soaking up the Jumeirah Carlton Tower ambience. There were plenty of areas to make myself comfortable. With many storage options for me to create my own zen. The furniture was of high quality and very comfortable, and the dedicated large working desk was wonderful to catch up on business. Teaming this with a Nespresso machine, I felt like I was at home with all my comforts.

The interior design was a mix of beige furnishing with dark wood features throughout the suites. The clear glass tables was a clever way to create an ambience of space, and with plenty of lighting options is why this suite had a very cosy feel to it. There was an elegance of comfort with an abundance of storage around the suite. I liked how there was a dedicated wardrobe tucked away for me to get ready, separate to where I was sleeping. It allowed me to have a clean suite throughout my stay.

The separate bedroom had very large pillows and a huge bed with more stunning views of London. The views were so great that I chose to sleep with the curtains wide open. The bed linen was lovely and the mattress was not too hard or soft, I had a fantastic sleep.

The overall feel here was a very relaxing one. The suite has two TV’s one in the bedroom and one in the lounge area. I could close the door so I had my own space and team MSF were all happy.

Jumeirah Carlton Tower Knightsbridge – London City View Suite - Review

A view to die for.


The bathroom was large with plenty of light and the endless amount of mirrors were very much appreciated too. The all-white interior gave it a clinical make, so I liked how they injected some warmth and individuality with contrasting colours. The result is a very special place to chill. I liked how I could listen to music in the bathroom, whilst getting ready for a luxury day ahead here in London.

Jumeirah Carlton Tower Knightsbridge – London City View Suite - Review


Breakfast had ample of fresh high standard food. There was a cultural mix of wonderful delights to get me ready for a long day. The staff were very friendly and accommodating for anything I required. It was a warm welcoming area that I thoroughly enjoyed. I am a big fan of freshly cooked English breakfast, and they don’t hold back regarding dishing out extra requests. It is a breakfast experience I would host business guests too. The fresh juices were very yummy and the muffins were amazing. I made sure I took the time for breakfast. The pastries were wonderful and tasty with plenty of coffee and tea options to pair with.

Jumeirah Carlton Tower Knightsbridge – London City View Suite - Review

The Peak Health Club and Spa

For me this is the very heart and uniqueness that Jumeirah Carlton Tower prides itself on. The very welcoming views of London, whilst swimming in the 20-metre indoor pool is just wonderful.  Floating on my back looking up peering through the glass and looking at a very blue sky is a rare sight here in London. The fully equipped gym, aerobics studio, sauna, the steam room was why I spent plenty of time here soaking up what I would refer to as a fantastic health club experience. There are plenty of locals that reside here for this club alone. It has brilliant energy to it and I like how I could also soak up views of London whilst exercising. It is a very unusual gym that I could not get enough of.

Jumeirah Carlton Tower Knightsbridge – London City View Suite - Review

Cadogan Gardens

London is famous for many beautiful parks. Jumeirah Carlton Tower Knightsbridge has exclusive access to the private Cadogan’s Gardens. The weather was amazing during my stay, so it was wonderful to soak up this garden and knowing that not everyone could have this luxury access. Take the time to explore here and if you have children it is very safe and fenced off for them to explore. Just ask at reception for the key.

Jumeirah Carlton Tower Knightsbridge – London City View Suite - Review


In this area of London, one can trend the latest fashion, cars and lifestyle. If you want to show off, this is the hotel and place to do so. Don’t worry there are plenty of people doing it, so you don’t have to feel intimidated. The parking is fantastic here and it’s a perfect location to showcase your luxury gems and supercar. The luxury shop areas are literally a stone’s throw away and therefore I could shop until I drop, return to the hotel to rest and explore more lifestyle trends. Jumeirah Carlton Tower Knightsbridge is a classical hotel that prides itself on serving its customers in the traditional way. The hotel has many areas where I could hide away and take in the ambience, thanks for a great stay.

Jumeirah Carlton Tower Knightsbridge – London City View Suite - Review


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