Komodo Sailing – Considerations To Make Before Your Trip

Komodo Sailing – Considerations To Make Before Your Trip

Considerations to make before Embarking on Your Komodo Sailing Trip. The onset of summer comes with a desire to dive into the ocean waters to cool down.

If you are looking for a more adventurous experience you may want to try a sailing trip. Indonesia is popularly known for its alluring beauty. Are you looking for an adventurous experience? If you are, Komodo offers some of the most picturesque islands you can ever visit.

If you have never considered going for a Komodo island trip perhaps you should start planning for one in advance. Cruising comes with various benefits such as enhancing communication skills, cardiovascular training, enhancing muscle flexibility and strength.

Further, you will also get an opportunity to engage in mental exercises and relieve stress in a serene environment. If you’ve always wanted to go on a sailing escapade, there are critical things you should understand before commencing your trip. Whether you are planning for one day of the week-long trip expedition, here is what you need to achieve an enjoyable voyage.

Komodo Sailing

Choose Your Preferred Boat

Are you a first-time sailor? If you are, you need to understand that there are three chief charter experiences you can choose from. Bareboat chartering, for instance, is not ideal for novice sailors. This is because it neither comes with supplies nor crew.

People who hire the boat will be responsible for providing these. A skippered charter would be ideal for small boats with a skilled and experienced captain. If you’re a novice sailor, the best choice would be a crewed charter. Here, everything will be taken care of leaving you to just enjoy your Komodo island trip.

Familiarize Yourself with the Weather and Surroundings

Every destination will have different attractions as well as setbacks that can influence your sailing expedition. Is your preferred location far from home? Is the water rough? Get as many details as possible as this will help you create a comprehensive plan.

Have the Appropriate Footwear

Remember, boats can be slippery and you don’t want to hurt yourself while having fun. This is why shoes are some of the most vital apparel that you can choose to carry onboard.

Choose rubber-soled sandals and boat shoes for the ultimate comfort and safety. The shoes you choose should cover your toes well to prevent injury. Avoid street shoes and flip flops.

Understand the Basics of Sailing

Familiarize yourself with sailing vocabulary to facilitate easy communication between you and the crew. For instance, the components and sides of a sailboat are the most critical words you should learn.

Prepare for Motion Sickness

You can easily avoid seasickness by staying clear of some foods and staring at the horizon. However, if you are sailing around the Komodo islands for the first time, or your seasickness tends to escalate, you’ll need some medication.

You can get over the counter medication such as Dramamine. If you would rather not use medication, try wearing a wristband around the acupressure points.

Wrap Crucial Personal Items inside a Waterproof Bag

To guarantee the security of your items such as cameras and other gadgets, store them inside a waterproof duffle bag or backpack.

Try to Learn how to Sail

Remember, we learn something new every day and there would be no harm in trying to learn how to sail. You may never know when your services will be needed. While there are numerous sailing videos, manuals, and tutorials available, nothing beats experience.

Understand Your Role on the Vessel

Regardless of your reasons for sailing, understanding your role and where to stand is important. Understanding your roles aboard the ship eases the trip.


Sailing is a fun and exciting activity that you should enjoy and respect. Remember, there are many other people on the ship. Interact with other travellers and try to learn something different. You can also lend a helping hand by executing some activities onboard such as cleaning.


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