Kool8 – The Water Bottle That Stays Cool

Kool8 – The Water Bottle That Stays Cool

I like living guilt-free. I don’t need some nagging and pulling in the back of my head, making me feel crummy for my decisions. Who doesn’t?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Right?

Between straws and the turtles and the plastic bags and I have a hard time keeping up with what I should and shouldn’t be buying or using.  It probably all started with the time a lady at Starbucks yelled at me for the plastic straw in my chai latte. Or maybe it’s when I turn the tv on and see all the news about the ocean filling up with plastic from water bottles.

I’ve definitely started to be quite a bit more conscientious of the moral, ethical, and environmental impact of the things I buy.  I just want to have some water and sip it guilt-free.

That’s why my lime green Kool8 bottle is so great.  Not only does it eliminate the need for plastic because it’s a reusable water container.

I swear I read somewhere that one reusable water bottle saves 217 plastic water bottles from ending up in a landfill in one year.  But you have this whole other guilt-free component, too- for every bottle purchased, the company also donates one bottle, so you have a one-for-one donation situation. Pretty sweet deal.

Even better, 20% of the company’s profits go toward helping underprivileged and struggling regions across the world get water to those who really need it.  So now I get to feel good about my purchase and reminded of that good at each and every sip.

Ethical businesses are becoming a huge trend right now and supporting those kinds of companies can make a big impact on the planet overall.  I can’t stop myself from using any plastic, I can’t avoid all straws,

Kool8 - The Water Bottle That Stays Cool

Because It’s Cool and Convenient

Just last weekend I was out paddle boarding through Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas.  It was close to 97 degrees, with some insane humidity. I like my active life, I like having adventures, and I like being able to quickly throw a bag together with some snacks and water, throw it in my backpack, and head out the door.

This water bottle is the perfect size for me. It’s not too big and it’s not too heavy, and I can throw it in my backpack along with some snacks and sunscreen (and it never leaks, thank God!).  It holds just the right amount to get me through a few hours of active play. Super convenient.

But remember that temperature and humidity I mentioned? This bottle kept my water nice and chilled, for the entire day out.  I can’t stress how refreshing it was to open, worried it was going to be that warm, unappealing temperature, only to discover it felt like hadn’t dropped a degree.  And we’re talking it sitting in direct sunlight, all hot and humid out, and no change in temp. Fantastic.

Kool8 - The Water Bottle That Stays Cool

Because Try as I Might, I’m Accident Prone

According to its site, this Kool8 bottle is made from industrial strength stainless steel.  If I hadn’t read it, I wouldn’t have guessed because it doesn’t feel unnecessarily heavy or dense.  But I had to look it up because low and behold- I’m naturally prone to many an accident.

Let’s base this off a few nicknames I’ve had: “Butterfingers” and “Disaster Dee”, or a few of the bones of broken: three fingers, one ankle, one collar bone, two wrists, or the average lifespan of my phone screen before it needs replacement: six months.

I can’t help it and try as I might, it doesn’t seem like I’m going to be changing anytime soon.  I’ve accepted it for who I am. But along with that acceptance comes a few minor life adjustments, including more durable purchases.

The Kool8 bottle is so durable and has done a great job proving it can withstand my mishaps and misadventures. Tumbling down rocks, slipping into the river, falling out of my unzipped backpack and rolling down the driveway into the street- it feels like it can handle it all.

My sister-in-law asked me if I wanted one of those neat glass water bottles one year for Christmas, with the little crystal stones inside, and my brother and I just laughed at the waste of money that one would cost.

The colour stays well, the bottle lasts long, and resists minor scratches, and survives my clumsy daily life.

Because I Want to Be Better

This is a broad one.  I want to be a better person, I want to be a better citizen, I want to be a better inhabitant of the earth, I want to be a better friend, I want to be better with my health, I want to be better with my choices and lifestyle.

Honestly, this bottle actually supports quite a few of these.  I like supporting companies that support the planet and that support the people on that planet as this bottle does.  I’ve hit the point where I realize it’s better to save money with one investment, like this bottle than purchasing over 200 plastic bottles a year (hundreds of lost dollars!).

Drinking water and staying hydrated has been a major goal of mine.  Not that this is some major revelation, I mean water is one of our five basic necessities.  But it can be hard to remember to drink how much water is good and healthy for my body and supports me being active and heading out on various adventures and activities.

In warmer areas, it’s easy to overheat. When we drink water, our brain functions better, our body becomes more efficient, skin clears up, organs function better, our endurance improves, our clarity is better.  Everything is better.

With non-descript plastic water bottles, I forget to drink (yes, even when it’s insanely hot).  When I have to go out of my way to purchase a water bottle, I have a tendency to shrug it off and just tell myself to wait for some water until I get home. The Kool8 bottle actually makes me more conscious and aware of having to consume water, and it simply makes it easier to consume.

Whether it’s because of some health purposes, ethical and moral reasons, lifestyle choices, or whatever matters to you, this bottle offers a handful of positives that make it a wholly worthwhile purchase.

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