Learn To Replace Your Car’s Exhaust System In 14 Simple Steps

Learn To Replace Your Car’s Exhaust System In 14 Simple Steps

The Procedure in a Nutshell: Learn to Replace Your Car’s Exhaust System in 14 Simple Steps

The exhaust system in a car transports burnt gas to the tailpipe and outside. There are times when the exhaust system needs a fix. Do you know how to replace the exhaust system? If not, you could end up spending $1,000 for the job. Here are some tips on how to do the job yourself.

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Buying a New Exhaust

The first step is to find an exhaust that fits your car. Search for the exhaust that matches your car exactly. Used car parts are available from sircarpart.com and many other online retailers. Get to know the parts of the exhaust. The manifold connects to the engine block and leads used gases away from the cylinders, through a series of pipes and out the car.

Exhaust Pipes are made of aluminum or steel. Fumes flow from the engine through the pipes to the tailpipe. The catalytic converter filters out harmful fumes from the hot gas. Basically, it makes the car’s emissions cleaner. Many jurisdictions require emissions tests before drivers can purchase a new tag. The car won’t pass the test if any part of the exhaust system is broken or worn. Harmful emissions include carbon dioxide.

The muffler, located near the exhaust tip, blocks unwanted noise. Exhaust fumes travel through the tailpipe and into the air. Often one can tell the exhaust needs work when the car is less fuel-efficient. This is also a good time to check the sensors associated with the exhaust. Remember, it’s illegal to drive a car if the exhaust system is broken.


Replacing the Exhaust

(1) Make sure you’re on even ground and raise the car with a jack. Remember to wear old clothes cause these jobs can be messy. Additionally, protect your eyes and hands. Make sure the car is turned off. (2) Use penetrating oil on all the nuts and bolts and let it sit for a while. (3) Use a pointed socket and ratchet to remove the muffler. (4) You’ll need to deal with the middle portion of the exhaust by taking down the catalytic convertor. The flange hooks to the catalytic convertor and may have several screws that need to be removed.

(5) Slide the piping off the rubber hangers and lay it aside. (6) Next, remove the old hangers and replace them with new ones. (7) Install new piping over the new hangers. (8) Slide the new muffler onto the new rubber hangers. (9) A new gasket must be installed between the catalytic converter and the new exhaust. (10) Fasten the flange together and tighten it by hand. (11) Find the flange that connects the middle piping to the muffler. (12) Put on a new flange and tighten it with your hand. (13) Go back and tighten all the bolts securely and make sure the exhaust sits in the proper place.

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Check the Work

(14) Spray all connections with soapy water to check for leaks. Go back over the work if leaks are detected. Put the car back on the ground, safely removing the jack stands. Finally, take the car for a test drive. Be sure to look proud of yourself for doing the job.

It pays to know how to be your own mechanic. You save money and there are no worries the job isn’t done properly. Further, there’s nothing like the feeling of learning a new skill. Maybe, you’ll learn to change the oil next.


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