Machine Technology You Should Know About

Machine Technology You Should Know About

Technology has improved a lot over the years, and one of the most significant expansions in the last decade has been in machine technology. Machine technology helps make old jobs more accessible and more efficient than they used to be by creating precision and accuracy; only a computer can achieve. Here are some of the most exciting developments in the machine technology industry.

Laser Technology/Laser Cutting

Laser devices use light to store, transfer, or print images and text, but they are also used in surgery and weaponry. The radiation the laser gives off give it the extraordinary strength it needs for the precision cutting it is used daily from hospitals to printing shops. offers multiple useful laser technologies such as laser cutters, laser engravers and high-res printers, just to name a few.

Electrochemical Machining

This process removes metal by an electrochemical process. Generally used for mass production to remove hard materials like titanium aluminides, Inconel, nickel, cobalt and rhenium alloys. EDM is commonly used to drill multiple holes, in micromachining, drilling jet engine turbine blades among others. This has made the process of drilling much more accessible and productive.

Thermal Energy

The process of making heat do what we want. Turning heat into useful energy is a complicated process but has become more accessible as time goes on. Thermal faxes of the past used heat from electricity in its printer head to power the fax. Although we use this every day in the winter by heating our homes, thermal technology has evolved to harnessing the suns’ energy to produce electricity, aka, solar power. There is a hope that in the future, most of our energy will come from renewable resources like the sun.

Water/Abrasive Jet Cutting

An industrial tool with the ability of cutting a wide range of material using a high-pressure jet of water. This has been used to cut hard metals like granite. Originally and still used for fabrication of machine parts, abrasive cutting is now used in aerospace technology for precision cutting of components.

Wire Spark Erosion (EDM)

A manufacturing process that cuts materials by using electrical discharges or sparks. Material is removed from the workpiece by a series of rapid-fire current discharges between two electrodes. These are used in hard materials like monel, titanium, tool steel, tungsten (one of the hardest metals on earth) and inconel. Will be super important in the future for building different parts of machinery.

CNC Milling

The most standard form of computer numerical control machining, it performs the function of drilling and turning machines. It’s a form of 3D printing technology and creates different parts of machinery by coding an image on a computer that it builds on the printer. This has become important as the machine has become more advanced and fast, decreasing the wait time of products being developed.

Machine Technology You Should Know About

The evolution of these technologies has made the process of factory work fast and simple. They have streamlined the process of creating machinery. Keep a lookout for these technologies in your workplace, they’ll make your life easier. Protection Status

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