The male grooming industry is an ever-growing market for men’s skincare. There are many guys who are reluctant to embrace skincare for men due to the historical mindset that good skincare regimes belong to the female sector. Or in my case, I can’t be bothered for the most part to take care of my skin, because it requires too much effort and time. I am over fifty and my teenage girls are always trying new products on their skin and are pressuring me to do the same. My girls remind me that I am getting old and need to clean my skin.

Today I am going to share my experience using a new male grooming brand called Patrol Grooming.

Male Grooming - Patrol Grooming Product Review

What To Choose When Buying Skincare Products

The website is very easy to navigate but for a man like me who has no clue where to start I opted for, Patrol Grooming All-in-One Kit! I liked this option because it was quick and easy to order and not overwhelming at all. I also was impressed with the briefcase-inspired packaging, for me when buying online the buying and receiving experience is important, I was excited to get my order a rare emotion for me in the world of facial care. The kit comes stocked with

  • Bump Patrol Pre-Shave Oil
  • Bump Patrol Original and Maximum Aftershave
  • Bump Patrol Cool Shave Gel
  • Beard Patrol Beard Wash
  • Beard Patrol Beard Oil
  • Beard Patrol Beard Balm
  • Two Skin Patrol Bar Soaps
  • Skin Patrol Face Wash
  • Skin Patrol Face Moisturizer

The box came intact and looked impressive, a nice anticipation of what was in that Pandora box. The packaging was very strong and the description of each product was clear, with no marketing jargon. So for amateurs like me, each product with a detailed little booklet was all I needed to have a go.  This product is an excellent start-up kit to get men using male grooming skincare as part of their daily working life.

Male Grooming - Patrol Grooming Product Review

Two Skin Patrol Bar Soaps

I opted for the bar soap because that is all I ever use to wash my body and face. Nice touch for keeping in my comfort zone of male grooming. I grew up with soap and what I like about the option here with Patrol Grooming is if I just want to be fast I can always opt for one of the two soaps to clean my face and body. At the end of the day, allowing me to understand self-pampering when it comes to skincare is a step for youthful skin. My teenage daughters are very excited to see me trying and yes they too tried all the products and thought it was too manly for them.

Great least I know when I wake up in the morning, I have my very own skincare regime waiting to be used.

Bump Patrol Pre-Shave Oil

I used the Bump Patrol Pre-Shave Oil first as it made sense and I liked the feel and the fragrance was not overwhelming. Easy to use bottle and nicely made with no spillage if I had to travel with it. I waited for a tad and then used the cool shave gel which did not lather much as I am used to. But it did the job and I shaved my beard.

Bump Patrol Original and Maximum Aftershave

I figured there is a clear process but I just went with my curiosity and used the products as I felt comfortable with. Like everything, once I did it a few times it did not take long at all and I did feel good about myself after using the products.

Beard Wash

After trimming my beard I opted for the beard wash which was refreshing and felt very nice on my rough skin. I then put on beard oil which was a very nice feeling to my beard. My teenage girls like the feel of my beard too. My girls stepped in and showed me how to place oil and moisturizer on my face. They were eyeballing the beard balm and placing some on their legs. I just rolled with the punches and they allowed me to have a go too. If I wake up and can’t find it, I have a good feeling about where it went.

The process is very fast and easy to use once you know how it all works.

Male Grooming - Patrol Grooming Product Review

Skin Patrol Face Wash

I like this because it’s fast I can do it when I am having a shower. I swim a lot so this is nice to clean my skin from salt water or swimming pool junk. With the help of my little friends, I ended with moisturizer which was a nice finish. Overall, I really like the product and it felt wonderful and did not smell like a women’s skincare product. I will use the products and I have to admit, my skin and facial hair do look nicer. This is a great gift idea for a bloke you are trying to impress.