It was with a love of barbering, skateboarding and surf, that ‘Uppercut Deluxe’ was created. Inspired by the timeless style of the 1950’s barbershop, Uppercut Deluxe is a modern, yet traditional approach to men’s grooming. Originating from Australia, the hard work and passion of Luke Newman and Steve Purcell, has enabled them to come up with a brand proudly made with the finest ingredients, delivering a range of high quality grooming product for men. It offers a no mercy approach to men’s grooming and stands against what the fancy establishments and salon brands tend to strive for. Uppercut Deluxe is essentially geared around timeless products that men can use. It’s all about the essential grooming items for the modern gent.

This post will largely focus on Uppercut Deluxe styling products. They offer a range of four different products; Monster Hold, Featherweight, Pomade and finally Matt Clay. All four offer a different variation and have a distinct different effect on your hair.

Monstor Hold

Monster Hold does it exactly what you would expect it to. If you like your hair with a strong hold then this is most definitely the product for you. It is extra powerful, sweat resistant and is combatant with all styles.

Monstor Hold Hairstyle


Contrary with the product name, it certainly packs a punch. It has plenty of tack and dry finish for a natural looking hold; great for messy quiffs or textured styles. great all rounder.


  • Pomade

Pomade, the original Uppercut deluxe product is possibly the post popular of all four. Water soluble, it is suitable for a diverse range of styles put in particular those gents sporting a slick back, quiff or even a mohawk. Its unique formula means it will wash out easily and leave no residue. Unlike certain pomades, it provides control and definition without the weight of traditional pomades.

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

Matt Clay

The fourth and final product, Matt Clay, makes it easy to achieve a no fuss messy look. The Matt Clay does what it tells you; effortlessly piecing out hair to give a pliable, re-workable style.

Matty Clay hairstyle

All products are applied in a similar manner. Spread a small amount in dry palms and fingers and work through dry hair, styling as desired. With a growing demand worldwide, Uppercut Deluxe has maintained their company ethos set by Wille ‘Uppercut’ O’Shea, that ‘a hard beginning maketh a good ending.’