I had never thought of becoming a model until a small Scottish agency saw some my photos on twitter and asked me to send some shots to them. They signed me straight away and arranged for me to test shoot with Tom Cairns.  The images turned out great and received some fantastic feedback. On the back of this I thought I would send these shots on to Superior model management, one of the biggest and most successful model agencies in Scotland. To my surprise they got back to me to arrange a meeting, that’s when it first clicked that I could actually do this.

I went along to meet the guys at Superior, and let me tell you it’s a scary prospect putting yourself in front of people and asking them to judge you on your looks alone. All went well though and Isla (the big boss) made me feel very comfortable and what started off as a nerve racking experience soon turned into a relaxed chat. I was signed that day and given great advice on arranging test shoots, what to expect on a shoot and what photographers expect from me.

 Finding My Look

When I was first signed i had a beard and a few of my first shots by Tom were picked up by some small companies promoting beard care products and apparel. I had noticed that the model scene has become saturated with guys with beards and it got me wondering is the beard the only thing that makes me a model. So after a chat with Isla I decided to shave and see if I would succeed without it. I went on a couple of test shoots with some local photographers Ricky Frew and Calum Mckenzie and the images turned out really well and raised quite a bit of interest in me as a model.


My advice to anyone aspiring to become a model is go for it, you never know. Don’t be afraid of the rejection as I’m sure everyone even the supermodels have been through it. Keep trying because although you may not be what one agency are looking for you may be exactly what the next agency are looking for.

 The Future

Although I’m still waiting for the big call to go to Milan or New York I am pleased at how things are going and am excited for what the future holds for me in my modelling career, I have a few things lined up with some independent Scottish fashion labels and will continue testing and trying to perfect the art of standing having my photograph taken, which is harder than it sounds.

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Photography by Greig McDowall


Greig Paterson - Male Model (2) Greig Paterson - Male Model (3)