Matty Haynest – 2013 Man Of The Year Award Winner

Matty Haynest – 2013 Man Of The Year Award Winner

men-style-fashion-2013-awards-300With an overwhelming 32% of our readers vote, Matty Haynest was voted “Men Style Fashion 2013 Man of the Year”. Congratulations Matty!!!

Matty Haynest

After a year or so of receiving various compliments on my looks, facial bone structure, body and my personal style / dress sense. I decided this year I would give modelling a go and see what its all about. I’ve been very fortunate to be scouted by two agencies within my first month of modelling and my recent credits include:

London Fashion Week SS14

Face Of Fusey AW13 ( Joey Essex’s Clothing Brand) I Model because:

I feel natural doing it and It’s an artful collaboration. People in the industry compliment me, so I know I fit the current bill and I am doing a good job. It’s also a good pick-me-up for those with low self esteem, I like travelling and getting to explore locations I know I’d otherwise never see. Another bonus is that I make money from it but would still do it even if I didnt’t. It even helps with other industries I’m involved with as Im also a professionally trained singer actor and dancer. And currently a member of a 4 piece live vocal harmony boyband. (Always4)

Modeling has given me a new passion. It has massively boosted myself-esteem and confidence.

Advice for Aspiring Models

Just go for it! Apply yourself, start to get some decent shots (headshot/ full – lengths) gradually building up a portfolio. Put yourself out there, get your face known. Work isnt, unless your really lucky from the beginning, going to find you. You need to go out of your way and look for stuff off of your own back or if your lucky enough to be scouted by an agency they will try to find you work.  Also you never know what a casting director / agent is looking for so never put yourself down its good to be different. Different is cool.

You might not fit the bill for some roles but then be perfect others.

My Style

I shop around a variety of high street stores – Topman, urban outfitters and size? To name a few. I love limited edition and different styles of shoes / trainers. Vintage clothing and also high end fashion brands such as Armani and Vivienne Westwood. I personally like pairing a well tailored blazer with skinny jeans and Chelsea boots for that ‘dapper’ look.  I like to dress differently and stand out from the crowd.

Finally, I enjoy getting to be around other creative, intelligent and driven people. The designers, MUA / HA and photographers that I’ve met and worked with all sharing the same passion. It is a fulfilling activity and I’m always looking to take on more work.

Matty Haynes - British Male Model 2013

Matty Haynes - British Male Model 2013

Matty Haynes - British Male Model 2013

Matty Haynes - British male Model

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