Meat UK – 6 Million Ditch Meat!

Meat UK – 6 Million Ditch Meat!

 Why are people ditching meat for 2020? Why is Vegan now a big trend?

  • 9% of Brits are cutting down on meat as a 2020 resolution
  • The greenhouse gas emission equivalent of taking 4.8m cars off the road
  • Consumers are making meat reduction a lifestyle choice, it’s no longer an inconvenience



Research has revealed that 9% of Britons, over 6 million people, are making it their New Year’s resolution to cut down on meat, twice the number who plan to quit smoking.

British consumers are looking at the wider picture and making meat reduction a lifestyle choice, driven by concerns for personal health and the environment.

The research, commissioned by British plant-based company The Meatless Farm, shows consumers are putting reducing the amount of meat they eat alongside recycling more and cutting down on plastic, as changes they’re making for the benefit of the environment in 2020.

Analysis by leading scientist, Joseph Poore, shows that there are a number of environmental benefits to this resolution. It would be the equivalent of taking 4.8 million cars off the road, reduce agricultural land use by an area nine times larger than the Lake District National Park and avoid 480 million litres of irrigation water being used, the same as 7.8 million showers.

Morten Toft Bech, Founder of The Meatless Farm, says: ‘’The leading New Year’s resolutions are centered around health, the environment and money. Eating more plant-based food ticks all three of these boxes; with the right products there’s no sacrifice on nutritional value, it’s a positive for the planet as shown in Joseph Poore’s research and we have, for example, complete price parity with meat. There’s no better time to start making changes to your lifestyle than the start of a new decade!’’ Protection Status

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