Shinzo Abe – Seiko SARC013

Worn with technological pride and rightly so from the country that invented the digital timepiece and launched a thousand brands still sporting Japanese sourced electronic modules within their innards.

Shinzo Abe - Seiko SARC013

Malcolm Turnbull – Apple Watch

You just knew it would get in the list somewhere! Says a lot about the gent’s high tech qualities in the world leadership stakes. With those swappable bracelets as changeable as foreign policy Just don’t wear it off the great barrier reef for obvious reasons or risk voiding both warranty and reputation.

Malcolm Turnbull - Apple Watch

Donald J. Trump – Donald J. Trump Signature Collection

Self-praise is no virtue in the horological stakes, but somehow you knew that – didn’t you?

Donald J. Trump - Donald J. Trump Signature Collection

Kim Jong-Un – Movado Museum

Unusual and like the man himself. Possibly a hedging nod to the country’s balance of payments situation, but maybe just something to ensure in times of crisis there’s always a down payment deal to be done for another Nehru style jacket.

Kim Jong-Un - Movado Museum

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