Men’s Boots – What Is A Brogue, Viper, Hiker, Biker Boot?

Biker Boot

Let’s get one thing straight: fashion is very personal, what I like and you like might not be the same but surely we can agree, the biker boot is for ‘proper’ bikers only. The biker boot needs to be worn by the mans man – it is not for skinny Hedi Slimane type models, it is for the rugged outdoor type, the man on the Harley or Triumph not the Ducati or Honda, it’s for the man in black. Strong, rugged and built to last, biker boots should be kept simple and when you are off the open road and out of your leathers, worn with a good pair of raw, straight or tapered leg denim i.e. Tellason, Mister Freedom et al.

johnny depp - cry baby - wearing boots

Johnny Depp in Cry Baby

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