Male fashion has evolved hugely over the years – and so too have the accessory and jewellery elements of a man’s look. We all remember the famous silver chain worn by Connell Waldron in Normal People in 2020, but jewellery trends have evolved further since then. Vogue reported that there had never been more jewellery on the men’s runways in light of Spring 2022 trends. Examples ranged from pearls to silver jewellery and even hoops.

The normalisation of genderless dressing is prompting more men to step out of their comfort zone and try new accessories to switch up their look. Harry Styles is a key exhibit – he’s truly comfortable experimenting with his earrings and other forms of genderless dressing.

With many more options on the market, some men are understandably a little hesitant to lunge forward into a statement purchase. It’s important to step back and assess your personal style first. Here’s a breakdown of some of the key styles out there, so you can establish which designs you feel yourself gravitating towards.

The history and meaning of earrings on guys

Historically, earrings on men have typically been associated with effeminacy under so-called traditional gender norms. However, as is clear on social media and the runways, the attitude to standard gender norms is rapidly evolving as more and more people begin to express themselves with new ways of dressing and accessorising.

Having said this, hip-hop culture integrated earrings for men in the 1990s – and this style remains strong today. This act seemingly reclaimed earrings as being associated with masculinity to mirror that of hip-hop culture.

Throughout the past few decades, many male public figures have boldly integrated earrings into their look. Examples include David Beckham, Will Smith, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake and more recently, Harry Styles.

Although earrings may feel like a relatively component of male fashion, it’s thought that men wore them as far back as the Achaemenid Empire, otherwise referred to as the Persian Empire (550 to 330 BC), as well as during the Renaissance period in England (approximately 1500s to 1600s AD).

The best earrings for men

Now you’re familiar with the history of earrings for men, it’s time to familiarise yourself with key styles available to you.

Stud earrings

stud earrings for men

Studs are a great way to keep things simple. Plus, you can choose from a range of shapes and sizes to enhance your look. Opt for classic metal or go for something a little more colourful.

Diamond earrings

Diamond earings for men

Largely stemming from hip-hop culture in the 1990s, diamond earrings have become a timeless component of style for men. They can be perceived as a symbol of wealth and have been adopted in a variety of looks by the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and others.

Dangly earrings

Whether you go for a subtle drop earring or a lengthier style, dangly earrings add a touch of playfulness to any look. Oliver Proudlock from Made in Chelsea stunned viewers with his dangly cross earring when he hit the screens back in 2011.

Hoop earrings

ben white hope cross earings

Typically, smaller huggie-style hoops tend to be a popular choice for men. They’re subtle and are often associated with an edgier look. However, if you want to go bold, why not choose a larger hoop? You can experiment with thin and thick styles to mix it up.

Gold earrings

If you’d rather choose a more understated and classic design, gold earrings are a good option. There are high-street options available, otherwise, you could treat yourself to a more high-end pair with a higher karat.

Feeling inspired to enhance your look by investing in a pair of earrings? If you’re feeling hesitant, you could always try clip-on pairs in the meantime. You’ll no doubt be booking in at the piercing shop in no time…