If you’re keen to update your wardrobe soon, whether to dress to impress at work, on dates, or just feel more comfortable and confident, it pays to keep a close eye on trends and learn what’s hot and what’s not each year.

To help you update your fashion sense for 2023, read about some trends you may want to add to your wardrobe.

Bright Knits

We might all be wearing quite a few knits right now, but if you’re getting bored with yours already, why not start shopping for the current, trendy bright options making their presence felt? Be on the lookout for sweaters, cardigans, and the like in bright pops of colour that are so fun you’ll want to wear them no matter the time of year.

bright knitwear

Avoid the more traditional shades that are a staple each winter and instead pick out a snug seater in a canary yellow or emerald green or pair a white or black tee with a light-knit cardigan over the top in brilliant blue, ruby red or featuring colour-blocking.

Metallic Materials

Perhaps you’re more interested in bringing some shimmer and sheen to your wardrobe over the coming months. If so, the fact that metallic materials are all the rage for the 2023 seasons will help you out. The trend is for high-shine galactic style metallics in silver lame, sparkling gold sequin embellishments, and more.

metallc materials

Many designers seem to be taking inspiration from all the sci-fi films released in the past year or so, such as The Adam Project, Dune, and Moonfall, or perhaps they’re more focused on watching reruns of Star Trek or Star Wars. Either way, if you want to shine bright this year and next, metallic clothing is your way to do it.

Brand Names on Bold Statement Shirts

If you enjoy wearing “look-at-me” tops and are happy to have brand names or their slogans on your shirts, you’ll love the current trend that combines both. Pair some quality men’s jeans or simple trousers with a vibrant shirt that displays a logo or other graphic brand reference, and you’ll be hitting the 2023 trend spot on. Many shirts utilize colour blocking to make an impact, or you can opt for shirts that don’t just have a brand mention but also some palm trees or other images.

louis vuitton shirt

If you want to enhance a plain outfit, this kind of shirt will help you do it, but it does pay not to go overboard with different hues, prints, brand combinations, or the like if you don’t want your look to seem too cluttered. Instead, let the branded piece stand out by picking one colour tone for the whole ensemble or pair pieces from the same brand that were designed to go together nicely. Be on the lookout for branded, bold shirts from companies such as Amiri, Diesel, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc.

Plaid and Check Patterns

While these are a perennial option in the stores, and most of us already have some in our cupboards, plaid and check patterns are even more prevalent these days. You can shop for outfits in simple plaid through to houndstooth designs, with different check sizes and designs on offer.

Our Legacy Heusen Shirt Fox Brown Check

Such clothing is not only evergreen but perfect for the cooler periods of the year since you can mix and match these pieces with dark, winter- and fall-friendly shades such as bottle green, dark denim, navy, charcoal, etc. If you like a sophisticated look but don’t want to blend in with the crowd, this aesthetic should be just the right mix to up the fashion ante for you this season.

Chunky Chains or Pearl Necklaces

Two definite trends are being noticed on the catwalks, in boutiques, and elsewhere right now regarding men’s jewellery: masculine chunky chains and feminine pearl necklaces. You might have a preferred look out of the two that you want to concentrate on, or you could pick out products from each style and wear them according to how you feel on a day.

Chunky chains bring an edgy twist to even the most traditional outfit, and they can go with most aesthetics, too, so you should get plenty of wear out of them. It pays to pick products with a mix of black and silver shades so you can pair them with anything from a t-shirt and blazer to a funky streetwear outfit, or you might want a more classic cluster of simple silver strands woven together.

While pearl necklaces have been a classic jewellery choice for women for centuries, today, men are getting in on the act. You’ll see such designs on actors, musicians, and models on the red carpets, plus internet personalities and reality TV famous faces. You can keep things reasonably delicate with a single strand of small pearls or enhance your outfit and add a more punk feel with several necklaces layered.

Other men’s fashion trends to watch out for include suits with cream pinstripes, matching printed sets, vests worn as tops, and Western styles. Consider what complements your aesthetic and daily clothing needs and what will match what you already own, and then update your wardrobe accordingly.