Men’s Leather Trousers

Who comes to mind when you think of men wearing leather trousers? For me it’s rock star Jon Bonjovi. Are leather pants a good thing? Here is a warning to men who dare, leather pants can make a fool of anyone if worn incorrectly. It is a battle of wills: man vs. pants. They will try to upstage, but if you can prove that you are wearing them and not the other way around, you are a verified a rock star.

I am pleased to highlight that male leather pants are making a come back with a nice modern style twist. Leather pants are a great item to wear for fall and winter. They look sleek and can truly be a wardrobe staple if styled the right way. The thinner leather pant, leather legging, or faux-leather pant can be your most flattering style.

How on earth do you choose the right leather trousers for you?

Wearing leather trousers is certainly not for the fainted hearted. They can be a challenge getting them on but for the tall long legged man they certainly can look amazing. You will instantly know if you can pull this look off by the shear way your legs look. The short stumpy legged man should stay clear away form wearing leather trousers. Don’t be afraid of trying on a legging type of style design. Make sure you take in a team of honest friends to guide you in how you truly look in them.

Slimming Looking Legs

Only the brave can wear leather with leather. Always go for black leather trousers as they are the best when it comes to making you look thinner. The models are tucking in their leather trousers inside a chunky boot. However I would not do this too often unless you look this good. You have to remember it is about how your legs look in length and width. The tree trunk leg look is not appealing to everyone.

Imitation Leather Look

An alternative is  the new stretchy black leather looking jeans. They almost look like leather and are a great alternative in giving the rock star impression.

Ross asking Joey to help him with his leather trousers


Some Great examples of Leather Trousers

Dior and Balmain men's leather trousers 2012

Balmain Homme Leather Pants 2012

Balmain homme leather pants  2012

Belstaff Winter Aviator leather jacket and leather pants

Belstaff is the label you need to go to for inspiration.

Elvis Presley wearing leather trousers

Elvis Presley knew how to wear leather trousers

Hugh Jackman - Wearing Leather Trousers

Apart from the shoes how hot does Hugh Jackman look in his leather trousers?

Brad Pitt - Wearing Leather Trousers

Brad Pitt sporting some leather trousers.

Bottega Veneta Men - Spring Summer 2012 - biker outfits

Bottega Veneta 2012 going for the biker look

Leather Gear for 2012


Ralph Lauren 2012 leather collection

George Michael wearing leather trousers at London Olympics 2012

George Michael wearing leather trousers or is it stretchy jeans at London Olympics 2012

Jon Bon Jovi wearing leather trousers

Jon Bon Jovi wearing leather trousers as we all remember