It would be nice if every man was born knowing all he needed to know about style. Unfortunately, we’re not so lucky. In fact, much of growing up ends up being this humbling, occasionally fulfilling emotional rollercoaster involving you and every other dude out there learning what kinds of styles work the best for how you want the world to perceive you. It can be a challenging game at times.

However, all that adversity gives way to that one day where you wake up and find yourself relaxed, confident, and generally thrilled about showing the world what you got. Maybe you’re someone who just recently discovered the immense value of owning multiple pairs of high-quality briefs, boxers, underwear, and boxer briefs. There’s something to be said about men’s underwear. When you know you’re wearing your best boxer briefs, it can instantaneously infuse some swagger into your stride.

The world loves swagger, and every quintessential man naturally has plenty of it. But enough about men’s underwear. Let’s backtrack and take a closer look at some helpful and easily digestible style tips that any man can adopt into his lifestyle.

1. Don’t Be Afraid of Bold Colours

With the ever longed after, post-quarantine summer looming like a beacon of hope on the horizon, people are out there spreading more good energy than ever. It feels surreal to finally, gradually be bidding farewell to so much of the ills brought on by Coronavirus. You can easily contribute to all the good vibes by making sure that you touch up your wardrobe with some bold-colored clothing.

Maybe invest in a couple of bright-coloured pairs of mesh shorts. Not only will those help you stand out when you’re out socializing, but they’ll help keep you cool as those summer temperatures do their climbing. You very well might find yourself in a (pleasant) predicament where you went from nothing but apprehension the first time you tried out the bright green mesh shorts, to instead feeling like they’re your absolute favourite article of clothing for relaxing.

On that note of relaxation, you can take that whole process a step further by experimenting with pure CBD gummies. CBD continues to generate all kinds of hype for its ability to help provide some balance to the lives of busy, hard-working professionals. Seriously, thank you for existing, CBD!

You just need to make sure that you set yourself up with the dosage that’s right for you and that the CBD product is high quality. From there, you can begin to play around with all those delicious flavours like orange or cherry mango. The calming benefits of CBD might work wonders for offsetting any nerves that you may have about a new style that you’re trying out.

Always consult your doctor before taking CBD.

2. Don’t Sleep on Your Boxer Briefs Game

You can pretty much tell if you’re chatting with a guy who failed to stock up on the boxer briefs that were right for him. He might as well be telling you out loud that he didn’t get the best boxer briefs for men. Well, that doesn’t need to be a problem of yours.

You want to make sure that you’re always rocking your best underwear. The last thing that you need to dampen a busy workday is having to continually readjust your boxers because the fit isn’t right. Or even worse, having to deal with a show-stopping odour emanating from your boxers because you failed to get the proper fabric for the occasion.

3. Invest in Your Shoes


If you’re like any other busy man out there, you probably do a lot of walking. Not only do you probably do a lot of walking, but you also probably cross paths with many other professionals that clearly put in the extra efforts into their shoes. Don’t be the outlier when it comes to that

You want to make sure that you’ve done your due diligence and ultimately put the necessary cash down on a pair of shoes that won’t leave your feet crying and bruised up, but that tell the rest of the world that you take yourself seriously.

4. Wear Your Suit Like You Mean It

There’s something hard-wired into the human brain that results in instant appreciation for a well-tailored suit. You see a strapping lad walking down the block, headed to an important meeting, rocking a stellar suit, and you might find yourself wishing you could be just like him. Well, enough of the wishing game.

Take the time to find a tailor in your area that can set you up with a nice suit. On top of that, a tailor will be able to extend the lifespan of your suit. Just make sure that you also wear your best pair of underwear when you wear your suit. If you need a new pair of underwear or boxer briefs, just pair that shopping trip with your trip to your tailor.

And with that, we’ve covered a crucial handful of style tips and tricks that you’d do well to take with you as you continue onwards in your journey to conquer the world while looking good. Now you know that having a little CBD, a nice pair of underwear or boxer briefs, and a well-tailored suit, are easy ways to ensure that your adventure is successful.