Men’s Trainers – Gym Versus the Bin

Men’s Trainers – Gym Versus the Bin

trainers in the bin

Men’s Trainers

If there is one style of shoes that does my head in, it has to be the trainers. For me they belong in the gym and that’s it. However I am starting to notice a potential refreshing trend emerging, a new style of trainers that look much more pleasing to the eye. I also love how the chav white trainer is now been re-vamped and even though I hate them, it’s a damn sight better to what men have been wearing in the past.

How Not To Wear Trainers

Well the easiest way is to not buy trainers all. There are so many awesome shoes for men right now, just run with other footwear in your mind. What’s even more disturbing that blogs now are coming up with ‘Features’ sections. It’s all about how they will keep you up to date with the coming soon trainers.  Even more alarming are the latest and greatest competitions on monthly trainers being worn on the streets, that have been selected and voted  by you the readers. What the hell? Urgggggggggggggggggggh. Ok enough of my rant, you get the message.

As sweet fashion revenge. Here is what I chose as potential no goes, when it comes to men’s footwear worn at London Fashion Week 2013. Enjoy as I think I am going to do this a lot more often. Here is Gracie’s “Ditch the trainer campaign”.

pink trainers - New Balance

What’s this all about?


Trainers - street style 2013


Trainers for men - Leopard skins

Not too bad?


Trainers for men - Rubber

Rubber trainers?


trainers for men 2013 - nike black

Damn right nasty


trainers for men 2013 - nike white

Oh no! 90’s Nike is back – Air Jordan Revamp


trainers for men 2013 - yellow and blue

Nike again?


swim shoes for men 2013

What the?


white trainers for men 2013

Start to look OK

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