MenStyleFashion – Game On With The Athletes

For far too long I have always focused and believed that only the male conscious guy is what was needed to succeed and dictate men’s fashion. However the athletes  have really caught my eye. So over the last few months I have learnt that these gentlemen are so committed to what defines them, the two can never be separated. What empowers a man, what is his sense of purpose or sense of belonging, what is his hunger to succeed. That is how God created them. The hunter, the predator, the fight to feel that what they do is who they are. What are these guys thinking while riding 300Km and hour? What are they focusing on when riding means a fine line between life and death?

MenStyleFashion and The Athletes

There is a mix message and a very puzzled look when I ask these athletes. What is your fashion style and what does it matter? Is it important to your sport? Can it assist you in being at the top of your game? When you win and the world is watching you, does it matter what you wear at your victory party? Does a suit define the power and prestige of these truly courageous athletes? I find that these guys need to understand that what they do is amazing.

Here is my challenge for 2014 where through MenStyleFashion I want to show the world that when an athlete wins he deserves to look the best he can.

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Simon Crafar


Marc Marquez


Leon Camier

Leon-Camier- Moto-Gp-2014

Greg Minnaar


Shaun Palmer

Shaun Palmer - Snowboader Cross