Are you considering selling your junk car? Then, selling it to a salvage yard is a good idea because you’ll receive cash immediately. Also, salvaging a vehicle can be an excellent way to get rid of an unwanted car quickly. Salvage yards purchase unusable or wrecked vehicles, but they don’t need the car to be in disrepair for them to buy it. So, no matter its condition, you can schedule a pickup or bring it to them if you don’t want it.

Salvage yards highly value old vehicles because they can disassemble them into parts and sell them later. As a result, salvage yards pay far more for cars than scrap metal yards. However,  before selling your vehicle to a salvage yard, you should understand the basics of salvage. Continue reading to learn more about how modern-day salvage yards work in Philadelphia so you can be confident you’re making the right choice.

Salvage Yards Differ

Yards vary depending on the areas and types of vehicles purchased. For instance, some companies don’t remove abandoned vehicles, while others only accept scrap or junk cars. So, it’s best to reach out to them to find out what they offer. If you want to sell your junk car in Philadelphia, you should take advantage of the top-rated salvage yards in your area. Philly offers fantastic salvage opportunities, so you should look for a top-rated place where you can sell your junk car.

Find high-paying car scrapers that can pick up your car the same day for cash. Some salvage yards use an instant cash offer platform. Their platforms use market valuations, buyer demand, and commodity scrap pricing to calculate the best price for your car. So, you can get a top-dollar cash offer for your junk, damaged, or scrap car. You just need to upload a picture of the car title. In addition, choose a scrap yard that offers pickup so you won’t have to worry about towing services or hidden fees. Instead, you’ll get your money upon car removal.

The Procedure for Transferring Ownership

In Pennsylvania, selling a junked car is similar to selling any other used vehicle, you just need to take the following steps:

  • Certificate of title – Fill out the back of the title with your name, odometer reading, price, and date.
  • In Pennsylvania, the seller and buyer must sign the title in front of a witness at the DMV.
  • Bill of sale – Optional but recommended.
  • Remove the plates only after your car has been transferred.

Salvage Yards in Philadelphia are Privately Owned and Operated

Salvage yards in Philadelphia operate similarly to any other junkyard in the US. They accept various junked vehicles and then sell the working parts for a profit. Vehicles are obtained from different sources, including private sellers, auctions, and insurance companies. Like any other business in PA, salvage yards follow tax law, which means they pay taxes on used auto parts. In addition, each yard that wants to be an official salvage business must register, be examined, and be licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Every vehicle that arrives at the salvage yard must be processed. Processing a car increases a junkyard’s profit while meeting state requirements for dangerous waste disposal and recycling. The vehicles can be prepped and fixed to sell with a salvage title, picked parts and sold online, or sent to the yard for pick and pull. If the yard sells salvage vehicles, they must be licensed as PA dealers.

Salvaging Cars Is Eco-Conscious

Salvage yards are ideal for people who don’t want to use their cars anymore but also wish to help the environment. This is because these companies refurbish, salvage, and recycle every part of the car, meaning junk or old cars won’t end up in landfills.

And, as landfills fill up, it’s critical to find environmentally friendly ways to dispose of the vehicles. In addition, salvage yards help the environment by eliminating junk cars from roads and old properties. Junk cars leak toxic metals and fluids into the ground, causing ground quality to suffer and contaminating water. They can also hurt ecosystems, especially in wetland areas.

Wrapping Up

Salvage yards are essential since they reuse and recycle car parts, significantly reducing landfill waste. They also contribute to cheaper car parts because recycled parts are less expensive than new parts. Contact a salvage yard if you want to recycle and reduce your unwanted car.

There are many salvage yards around you. So, read customer reviews and ensure you get clear answers to your questions to avoid junkyard scams. The ideal company will have excellent customer service and a widespread professional reputation. Just ensure you give the company detailed information about your car online or in person to get an accurate quote.