Na Nirand is a new luxury boutique hotel, tucked away in the heart of Chiang Mai Thailand. This perfect secluded boutique hotel has redefined the word boutique. In just a short time, it has become popular with celebrities throughout Thailand and abroad. Na Nirand is a perfect place for those looking to impress their loved ones. The setting is so unique, it is a place now so sought after for either wedding engagements, photo shoots, wedding anniversaries or a romantic opportunities.

Chiang Mai is a popular city and after being here a few days the Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Hotel was a brilliant place to catch up on my work and my rest. The remote and private access to the riverfront overlooking the Ping River was wonderful. It was a quiet and a stunning place to appreciate the flora and fauna of what Thailand is famous for. It is also an opportunity to experience what the locals do and how they live.

Reception & Hotel Grounds

In entering the reception area I was greeted by  a beautiful teaser of what was to come. I was taken back by the staff uniform which was refreshing to see. The outfits were inspired by the era of King Rama V itself. Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Hotel has 6 buildings which are designed in the half wood local Lanna colonial style. The 45 guest rooms are all non smoking and have a private balcony. I loved this because I could hide away and soak up the classic but warm interior design.

When I walked around the ground I was amazed by to the outdoor setting which was breathtaking, I was greeted by a massive one hundred year old tree at the end of the pool. Throughout my stay, I could not help ponder, reflect and glare at how beautiful this natural iconic symbolic tree was. As for anyone staying here it is a brilliant place to take shots both day and night. The swimming pool was wonderful to swim in and soak up this romantic resort.

Romantic Lanna Grand Deluxe Room

Me and my family stayed at two Romantic Lanna Grand Deluxe rooms. The interior designs were adorned with local handicrafts such as local Lanna handwoven cloths, murals and unique furnishing. The rooms were warm, simple and boasted ample examples of timeless elegance. I am a big fan of vintage colonial inspired tiles, so it was lovely to see these being used throughout the resort as well as my bathroom. There was plenty of storage space within the suites and the huge beds were super comfortable and the bed linen was soft and cosy. Just lying in this room was so romantic and relaxing.

The private balcony allowed me to soak up this stunning resort both day and night and with a views. It is the very reason, why I never left this romantic boutique hotel.

Huan Kammung

The unique Lanna style teak house is a must see and is the perfect area to exhibit small meetings, pre wedding photography sessions or engagement parties. My two children loved this area especially where they could watch YouTube let alone read a book.

Na Nirand Spa

The Spa had a two treatment room area which provided a warm, peaceful and natural ambiance in the outdoor zone. The Spa had products from HARNN, which is a luxury Thai brand. I enjoyed my massage which was brilliant. The dedicated spa area was a wonderful added feature to a memorable stay here at Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Hotel. The staff asked the right questions and served my specific needs. I would recommend getting a treatment here with your partner.

TIME Riverfront Cuisine & Bar

The TIME riverfront Cuisine & Bar has to be located in one of the most beautiful settings regarding a riverfront location. The restaurant is right next to the Ping River and the interior design is inspired by an industrial vintage style with a timeless charm and elegance ambiance to it.

For to outside guests the TIME Riverfront Cuisine & Bar offers fusion inspired dishes that cater both for the western clients along side the locals. I chose to dine here during lunchtime and the food was fresh and the presentation was excellent.

It was lovely to be able to look directly outside of the restaurant and look at all the local herbs grown here which were used within the dishes. Make sure you take the time to understand and learn about the core ingredients used within the Thai cuisine. They do offer cooking lessons, but I didn’t have the time on this occasion, maybe my next visit.

I had a lot of dishes from the menu and I must say they all tasted uniquely brilliant. Even if you’re not staying here, TIME is the perfect location with the perfect food to entertain and dine your business clients let alone your friends and family.


We started of with a shared appetizer, watermelon with sweet dried fish with crispy shallot dip.

TIME to Sea

Seared sea scallops and quail eggs with sweet pork and chili jam.

Hors d’Oeuvres Mueang

Traditional starter, Chiang Mai pork sausages, crispy pork skin, steamed vegetables with young green chili dip and roasted minced pork in tomato dip.

Noodle And Rice

Lost In TIME

Spaghetti with Chiang Mai sausage, dried chili, sweet basil, lemongrass and poached egg with grana Padano and smoked basil oil.

Pad Thai

Original noodles of grilled prawns, pickled garlic,Asian citron zest, garlic chives and tamarind sauce.

Local TIME

Original Lanna noodle with yellow curry, roasted pork belly and chicken confit, grilled shallot,fresh lime, pickle turnip and roasted chili oil.

Kids Menu

Kids Mini Burger

Assorted mini cheese beef burger served with chunky French Fries

Yummy Noodle

Any choice of pasta with homemade tomato sauce


Co Co Lover TIME

Raspberry Cheese Cake and to finish this feast I had an iced latte, I just loved the presentation of the coffee.

High Tea

I approached the high tea with a child like mentality and I was excited to experience this. The high tea was my first here in Thailand. High Tea is trending around the globe and in regards to what nation you are visiting, I am loving how the historical luxury concept has made a big comeback. No matter where I am, the definition of high tea was being taken to another level, and here at Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Hotel I was left gagging for more. With a location such as this I highly recommend anyone experiencing this. Just take a look at what I ate.


I met the owner Dr. Poti Chao, who explained to me that his mission was to redefine the word boutique. Dr.Poti Chao went onto explain that the concept of boutique hotels over many years has lost its real impact. However thanks to Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Hotel it offered an even greater and more relaxing unique experience. This is a hotel that offers a sense of privacy and is a true retreat and gives you that peaceful stay. Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Hotel is unique in location, atmosphere and décor, it is a hotel that is full of romance even if you’re not seeking it. For those visiting Chiang Mai, the location is in the heart of the city, but you would never know because from the moment you entered Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Hotel. I loved it so much I actually never left it.


  • Room reviewed: Romantic Lanna Grand Deluxe Room
  • Website:
  • Address: 1/1 Soi 9, Charoenprathet Road, Changklan, Muang, Chiang Mai 50100
  • Phone: +66 (0)62 875 2401

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