Nas Abraham – The Visual Artist

Nas is someone I met way back in 2013 at London Fashion Week. We always wanted to work together on a project. Nas has a unique sense of style both in is work and what he wears. Nas is a visual artist who has worked on many campaigns. During  Luxury Week London I asked him to sketch the Mayfair Penthouse. Whilst we had him we had to take some shots of his street style.


My name is Nas Abraham, I’m a freelance multi-media Visual Artist/ Creative Director in the menswear scene based in London. I have a background in Fine Art and Fashion illustration, but I have a deep passion for all things that have been visually created, from painting, photography, sculpture, fashion etc. I love it all!

I decided to sketch the luscious apartment with some men’s garments being flung around the upholstery. I wanted to show that if this
Penthouse situated in Mayfair that will set you back a whopping £42,000 a week excluding VAT, a guy deserves to make a house his home! I think luxury is a concept, something which people subconsciously separate themselves from based on social and financial status, but the more you break down these conceptual barriers, the more you start to see the luxury all around in every day life. Sorry, I’m getting kind of philosophical there, but I believe that!

The Visual Artists Advice

Advice I can give anyone wanting to do what I do: find a creative area that you absolutely love whether it’s drawing, sculpting, styling etc and just explore it to its absolute fullest. At the same time, be sure to never tie yourself down to a title. If you have called yourself an illustrator, you might decide one day that you want to experiment with photography but because of your title, you might feel that it isn’t “proper” to touch a camera, which will stop you from potentially creating something powerful. Also I think what is most important is that you rely on your own creativity and don’t always jump to Pinterest and Instagram to find reference material. Oh, but be sure to put your work on Instagram!

Style Versus Fashion

Style gives me a great sense of self expression, I love putting colours, shapes and textures together, styling is another art form in itself! For the shoot, I wore a marl textured overcoat that I found in a mall in Shanghai, China, a beige Blazer from J.Crew atop a textured shirt from, oh, and a pair of subtly checkered tailored trousers from Dockers. The outfit happened to match the interior, which wasn’t planned, I swear!