Nhow Rotterdam Hotel – Art & Architecture Make Our Lives Better

Nhow Rotterdam Hotel – Art & Architecture Make Our Lives Better


trendy-weekend-rotterdam-smallRotterdam is one of the world’s largest harbours and is the only town in Holland with a Manhattan style skyline. The city, once heavily bombed in the 2nd world war, is now a city full of design and modern architecture. One of the latest additions to the skyline is “De Rotterdam” building designed by Rem Koolhaas. It was finished at the end of 2013. This building which has apartments and offices also houses the Nhow Rotterdam hotel. Rem Koolhaas has just won the bid to build another Nhow hotel, this time in Amsterdam.
What is unusual about the Nhow Rotterdam is that Rem Koolhaas has also designed the interior. He insisted that within the rooms, the furniture should be low so as to not disrupt the view over the waters and the city. My goodness, what a view we have.
Nhow Rotterdam Hotel is saying that art & architecture makes our lives better. The decor reflects what Rotterdam is all about: don’t be afraid of letting go of the past by destroying ugly buildings and building new ones. I first came to this city in 1998 and I thought generally it was ugly. But now it has to be one of the most spectacular looking harbour cities I have seen. Nhow Rotterdam is the third Nhow hotel in the world after the opening of Nhow Milan and Nhow Berlin, and it is a welcome edition to Rotterdam.


7 am morning view


Room with view over river Maas and Erasmus Bridge


The Nhow Rotterdam is a hotel where you are surrounded by the latest design, art and architecture. It has various in-house art exhibitions, where there is an emphasis in supporting local designers work. The reception area changes frequently to support this artwork. Throughout the hotel, there are humorous messages everywhere to communicate with you in a quirky way. It gives the hotel a relaxed overall atmosphere.



Staff & Lobby Area

The staff uniform is relaxing and not intimidating at all, and it sets the mood of the hotel nicely. I love the small little details like the use of red buttons which fits with the overall theme. More and more this is trending in new hotels across the world, I am calling it the New Balance of staff.


Love the red buttons. It matches the colour theme of the hotel.


Staff shoes



If you are here for business you can have your logo on one of these screens

Sunset Room

I stayed on the 23rd floor, the highest floor, and the instant impact of the room, let alone the view is mind blowing. The Sunset room gets you everything of the Urban room with a sunset view of the skyline and Erasmus bridge and the river Maas at your feet. The room was very spacious with a bright white minimalistic decor throughout, which is calming and very modern. The see through glass which separates the bathroom is different, but I like it because at every moment of your stay, you are feeling the atmosphere of the room. Elevate your stay where architecture, art and design come to life is certainly reflected throughout the hotel and this room.


I loved the reflection that is created within the design


Rem Koolhaas, the architect, thinks TV’s are ugly hence he chose this design to match the decor of the room.



Room with view over river Maas and Erasmus Bridge



You all know I am a coffee fan, bring it on.

The Horizon Suite

You can also opt for the Horizon Suite which a two room suite on the corner of the building with a grand view of the port of Rotterdam.



The bathroom is spacious and bright and it also has a beautiful minimalistic feel about it like the rest of the room. I loved the red toiletry design which again is a colour featured throughout the hotel and logo.


Gym With A View

This is the view from the gym, with a view like this is it is worth working up a sweat.


Bar With A View

Nhow just won best Hotel Bar in Rotterdam, and I can see why. It is a spacious area that can host so many different clients. With that view it is certainly worth having events here. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and you notice that in what the staff are wearing. The menu is simple and the different seating options are quirky and give out a clear message that traditional eating does not belong here. This is about casual dining and lounging.
Rem Koolhass, the Dutch architect, was born in Rotterdam and in his own words, the Nhow Rotterdam design demonstrates that Rotterdam is increasingly to architecture what Paris is to fashion or Los Angeles to entertainment.

nhow-rotterdam-erasmus-bridge-roof-terrace-viewnhow-rotterdam-erasmus-bridge-menstylefashion.-reflection  nhow-rotterdam---building nhow-rotterdam--bar-7th-floor

Outdoor Terrace

With a view over the river Maas and the Erasmus bridge, there is nothing better than to enjoy this view and the sunsets at the outdoor terrace on the seventh floor.



What a way to start breakfast with a view like this.


Cava for breakfast do I need to say anymore



The views and design of Nhow Rotterdam will give you the appreciation of what this city is all about and the direction it is taking. Dutch Architect, Jamie Van Lede sums up the day well. The old city is finished. The casing can come off. Now is when the concrete city is most fertile. Nhow Rotterdam embodies this all, it is sprouting on fertile ground.



  • Room reviewed – Sunset room – €83
  • Website: nhow-rotterdam.com
  • Address: Wilhelminakade 137, 3072 AP, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Phone: +31 (0)10 206 7600

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