Oliver Dabbous Restaurant London – Interview

Oliver Dabbous Restaurant London – Interview


london-luxury-week-2015-300x120Dabbous is known as being one of London’s most exclusive restaurants boasting a 4 month waiting list for reservations. So when we were told MenStyleFashion could come as part of London Luxury Week, I was over the moon. The word Michelin Star restaurant in the past is an intimidating word let alone eating experience. So when I entered into the location, I was surprised to see the cool luxury laid back interior let alone the laid back chef himself. The young chef, Oliver Dabbous, who worked with Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir was as hot as his dishes on a hob. He made it very clear that the Michelin star was never his reason for cooking so well. Any successful chef will never do it for the love of getting a star, let alone three. They do it because they love food.

Oliver Dabbous

Oliver is the first ever Michelin star chef I’ve interviewed. Oliver gives some fabulous input and advice of the sacrifices it takes to achieve what he has done. So for any up and coming chef, listen to what Oliver has to say. Being a chef at this level is hard core on every level.

Different At Every Level

The decor is very edgy, dark and loud. So you can eat and laugh and enjoy amazing food at your own pace without feeling pressured to act as luxurious as the dishes that are coming out of the kitchen. Down stairs there is a bar and live music which means this eatery is experimenting a new idea in the world of luxury. Eat well, then let your hair hang down and party it all off, that’s the unique message here. Oliver wants you to eat luxury unique creative food but without the uncomfortable elements a lot of restaurants at this level have.


Oliver-dabbous-luxury-week-london-menstylefashion-gracie-opulanza (2)

Sense of Humor Trends

It is the festive season and you can clearly see that Oliver has a good sense of humour. Engaging with your waiter is a good thing and I certainly liked his Christmas message. Listen to the video and our reactions when the food comes out, we all had a cracker of a time. Thanks Oliver for a great night out.

Oliver Dabbous London menStyleFashion

The Experience

Yes tasting food is all about the experience and I let the photos do the talking.


  • Dabbous has closed now and Oliver has a new restaurant called Hide.
  • www.hide.co.uk

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