Oscar H.Grand – Men’s Bespoke Suits, El Born, Barcelona

Oscar H.Grand – Men’s Bespoke Suits, El Born, Barcelona


Oscar H. Grand’s collection simply is about made to measure. The one thing I love about Europe specifically in this case Barcelona, is that city chic living is about being bang, not on trend. The men here are sexy, they stand out and damn right look fashionably different. Hence why, Oscar H. Grands fits in perfectly for the creative man.

This tailor certainly pays detail attention to the fashion conscious man. Image heading in and getting a suit made for you. Everything to colour choice, the cut,  the style, represents you. The end result being  and  looking dashingly like Bond. His versatiliy is refreshing and if you have a suit that you have out grown, bring it along and they will make another one your size.

Clothes are about the feel good factor  having  a suit that suits your personality and created by you, well that’s not that easily found these days. Having this done is worth every penny. You get something that belongs to you.




oscar-h-grand-blue mens shorts





Website: Oscar H Grand

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