Ozwald Boateng – East Meets West This Autumn Winter

Ozwald Boateng – East Meets West This Autumn Winter

Ozwald Boateng

On seeing a new Ozwald Boateng collection for the first time, I’m left with emotions of sheer excitement at what I am seeing. How often do we see this approach to fashion?  Where Eastern fashion is combined with western traditionalism.  How refreshing and exhilarating is this collection?

On a marketing perspective, it’s very original. Fashion more so than ever is a saturated market, therefore promoting your collection has to be very creative and unique. This was most certainly one of those occasions.

The Collection

This particular collection is all about fusion of Eastern and Western traditionalism, which was reflected in the textures, unique constructions and accessories.

The traditionally ‘black and white’ Japanese attitude towards clothing etiquette fascinates me. In modern society, migration between East and West has caused these elements to merge. Autumn/Winter 2012 combines facets of typical British Hunting Attire and a Japanese aesthetic story to create something new, something directional. – Ozwald Boateng

A characteristically Western approach is taken to colour palette for this Autumn/Winter collection. Pantone is carefully selected; based on fiercely traditional philosophies and balanced with the contemporary House aesthetic. The rich scarlets and fir greens hark back to a traditional hunting aristocracy. Contrasting these deep shades are the vibrant shirts, reminiscent of Japanese eveningwear; signature purples and arresting cobalts evoke imagery of the customary Kimono.

Ozwald Boateng – The models

Nothing short of edgy and sexy.


Loving the layering effect.


The khaki hunting jacket, redolent of the Gentleman Subscriber in a 19th century Hunt Staff, is re-imagined with the dual suede elbow patch. Tailored silhouettes and contrasting linings express House technique, embodying the spirit of the collection.


Gorgeous cream jacket

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