Park Hyatt Saigon – Luxury Neo Colonial Hotel Vietnam

Park Hyatt Saigon – Luxury Neo Colonial Hotel Vietnam

I was feeling strongly nostalgic on my first day back in Saigon. I could not help feel a deep sense of inner peace knowing this vibrant city since my first visit in 1997, is able to maintain its magical power regarding diversity, shopping and cafe culture. What a better way to regain my sense of composure than staying at Park Hyatt Saigon. This hotel has a reputation amongst locals and also abroad as one of the bucket list hotels to do regarding staying here. If first impressions is what you are after then Park Hyatt Hotel will not disappoint. This hotel has such a special charm, I took out my camera, and let myself get carried away in this picturesque hotel.

Park Hyatt Saigon - Luxury Neo Colonial Hotel Vietnam - Review


Located right in the centre of Saigon, is the 5 star Park Hyatt Saigon. This French colonial-style hotel in Ho Chi Minh City overlooks the Opera House on Lam Son Square.

The hotel was a base for the US military during the war and DJ Adrian Cronauer made his daily broadcast from it, made famous in the film Good Morning, Vietnam.

This hotel has a lot to offer regarding restaurants, Spa and bar entertainment. It’s stunning inside with endless features of Chandelier’s, wooden floors and art pieces throughout the reception area as well as the hotel. Greeted by live music and friendly staff, I knew my stay was going to be special. This hotel has an overwhelming choice when it comes to interior design inspirations, let alone entertainment.

Park Hyatt Saigon - Luxury Neo Colonial Hotel Vietnam - ReviewPark Hyatt Saigon - Luxury Neo Colonial Hotel Vietnam - ReviewPark Hyatt Saigon - Luxury Neo Colonial Hotel Vietnam - Review


I had two rooms, one being king and the other being a twin overlooking the Opera house. These spacious rooms 34 sqm featured a ceiling fan, a separate work area and a dedicated mini bar in where I could have endless amounts of Nespresso coffee or tea. The storage was well thought out and the two striped fabric cosy chairs with a small table overlooking the Opera house were a rare treat too.

The beds were huge, comfortable with large pillows which made my sleep very welcoming. On many occasions I dislike air-conditioning, so the ceiling fan was a nice welcome whilst I was sleeping. I am a big lover of French Colonial style rooms. The white wooden shutters alongside the French-inspired furniture left me somewhat confused at times regarding my location. Within this hotel, I felt I was in France until I looked out and admired this fabulous city.

There were plenty of charging stations, so I could work and enjoy these rooms. I am seeing a new trend emerging regarding technology within hotels. The rooms were equipped with a mini-iPad loaded with information of HCM city. The white coloured walls had a stylish ambience resulting in a calming and very chic experience.

There were plenty of mirrors for me to get ready for an evening of cocktails at 2 Lam Son.

Park Hyatt Saigon - Luxury Neo Colonial Hotel Vietnam - Review

Marble Bathroom

The bathroom is very big, with a dedicated rain shower and bath. The use of marble gave it a lovely chic feel to it. The dark wooden storage and endless drawers were very welcoming and allowed me to store all my items, so my room was left cluttered free and flowing. The clever use of space and wooden furniture was pleasing to the eye and gave it an elegant look. There were, many soft large towels and endless Cochine bathroom amenities were on hand.

What’s trending now regarding bathroom robes, is white hydro cotton which looks chic when heading to the swimming pool or the Xuan Spa. It was nice to see the bamboo waffle weave slippers here which are a huge trend around the fashion high streets across the globe.

Park Hyatt Saigon - Luxury Neo Colonial Hotel Vietnam - Review

Swimming Pool and Gardens

The furnishings at the pool areal are elegant and pared-back, with plenty of shaded areas to keep you cool in this tropical environment. This area is full of flora and fauna and overlooks the building. The usage of oversized pots and dedicated garden areas results in a very green tropical environment. There are rooms having access directly to the pool with lovely patio gardens. There is a large planted communal area with paths leading to the pool as well as a grassed area planted with trees. Combine this with the polished concrete pebbles stones paths and it makes this swimming pool experience a brilliant relaxing stay.

Park Hyatt Saigon - Luxury Neo Colonial Hotel Vietnam - Review Park Hyatt Saigon - Luxury Neo Colonial Hotel Vietnam - Review

Breakfast At Opera

An endless range of local and international cuisine is on offer at the restaurant Opera. Surrounding a huge show kitchen, Opera’s main dining room reflects a contemporary Italian design. This stylish buffet is popular amongst house guests as well as people doing business in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s an experience in a luxurious setting with a view of the Opera house and gardens. The pastries are beautiful in presentation and an indulgence I had to experience. They have several local la-minute dishes like Pho and Banh Mi which you can order from its menu at your table.

Park Hyatt Saigon - Luxury Neo Colonial Hotel Vietnam - Review

Park Hyatt Saigon - Luxury Neo Colonial Hotel Vietnam - Review


I love this hotel for its artwork displays. The Apricot Gallery welcomes visitors to a diverse collection of artwork by renowned artists, from masters to upcoming stars such as Bùi Hữu Hùng, Hoàng Hải Anh, Công Quốc Hà, and many others.


With inexpensive flights to Vietnam, this destination becomes more and more accessible. Tan Son Nhat International Airport is a 30-minute drive away from the Park Hyatt. Park Hyatt Saigon is within walking distance of Notre Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office and the Reunification Palace.  The hotel is located in District 1, which is a great choice for travellers interested in the local nightlife, museums and the unique international and local boutiques for shopping.

I can highly recommend a stay here at the Park Hyatt Saigon, its beautiful colonial French feel will impress anyone. Conde Nast Travel readers agree with me and ranked this hotel in the top 25 hotels in Asia for 2017. Thank you for a beautiful and relaxing stay after a hectic day in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Opera House in Ho Chi Minh City

The Opera House in Ho Chi Minh City


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