Watches are one of the few complementary fashion accessories that allow you to create and define your unique style. To define your style, you often can’t decide which one to wear or which is more like yourself. With all the different designs and brands on the market, you can collect a wide variety of watches. OK, but how do you handle a lot of watches? We offer you an option: To prolong the life of your watches and keep them elegantly in one place, choose one of the perfect watch rolls. A real watch roll will be your favourite product in every circumstance!

Bosphorus Leather Watch Rolls

The Bosphorus Watch Roll is basically specially designed to protect your watch while travelling. These chic and elegant cases are not only suitable for travelling but are suitable for your watches at home as well. Even if you are at home, an unprotected watch in a suitcase or a bag won’t end well and you know it!

We, as Bosphorus Leather, created a unique design for your watches’ protection so that you no longer be anxious about your watches! When you want to wear a watch, it is very easy to detach the cushion anywhere. Also, they are soft and the snaps are very secure!

bosphorus leather watch roll

Handcrafted Leather Watch Rolls

Bosphorus watch rolls are handcrafted from genuine calf leather! Our handcrafted use of natural suede for the inner layer. Additionally, we make hand dye with a great variety of colours on the products’ surfaces to create the best, most natural, and flawless effect. In short, our watch rolls are crafted with great effort and great minds, and you know the truth, great minds run in the same channel!

The best thing of all is that these products are just a click away from you! Visit Bosphorus Leather Now!