In the emblematic example neighborhood is the fabulous restaurant called Petit Comitè. It’s an homage to the Catalan cuisine of prize winning chef Nandu Jubany. This talented Michelin starred chef does an impeccable job interpreting the Catalan dishes. In entering this restaurant I was impressed with the decor, it is a modern contemporary mix of old versus new. I loved everything here, especially the layout of the plates throughout the restaurant.  Petit Comitè ticked all the boxes, great lighting, sophisticated food, an absolute top class service and a great atmosphere. The gluten free options were fabulous and an expected surprise.

The Food

The Catalan cuisine is something I am very familiar with. The difference here at Petit Comite, is some dishes are a sort of a modern interpretation of classic Catalan cuisine, so it was very great to experience a different way to handle the very fresh and sometimes delicate products. The presentation along side the texture and taste were amazing. This experienced chef who executes beautiful Catalan dishes, by using highly quality ingredients is understandably why you need to book in advance.

One of my favorites dishes I liked was the foie gras. I am not a fan of pork normally but on this occasion, the low temperature egg of the Suckling pig was divine.

The olive oil here is specifically made for this restaurant, which gives it an exclusive experience.  I like the rustic approach here, effectively a paella which was served in a big frying pan in front of me. The gourmet paella was full of flavours in every rice grain, which tasted so fresh.

This is a restaurant with a lovely ambiance, a feeling of privacy but also the opportunity to sneak a peek at other diners’ dishes that wet your appetite is a great addition to an already eclectic mass of flavours floating in the air.  Sometimes ignorance is a bliss and my tip is, if you’re not sure what to order, let the staff choose.

If you are not familiar with Catalan cuisine the menu can look slightly daunting but just go for it. Start off with  three small “plates” for starters. I would recommend, Iberian ham, red shrimps and what turned out to be the most delicious, Pan con tomato an olive oil flavored bread. Pan con tomate is just about as humble as tapas can get. It’s got only five ingredients, which is bread, tomato, olive oil, garlic, and salt. It requires barely any actual cooking, yet it’s precisely this simplicity and restraint that make it such a perfect end of summer dish.


I was told that at Petit Comite, the chef called Nandu Jubany,  is famous for choosing and creating dishes with truffle. This truffle you are looking at retails, depending on the quality, up to £1200 per kilo.


I am a big fan of red wine in winter. I was given two wines which were very unusual. The Sang de Corb wine is made from a blend of Grenache, Hairy Grenache and Carignan coming from a single estate comprised of vineyards over 65 years old. Produced by the increasingly interesting Celler Frisach, the wine was traditionally vinified in stainless steel tanks. After that, it was aged for 12 months in used French oak barrels. This is an utterly Mediterranean, solar, sort of “raw” wine. Remarkably expressive, not just in price but also in taste.

On the contrast the other wine I chose was called Laurel, a full bodied wine that was excellent as an after dinner drink. This deeply coloured wine was smooth and just divine. Due to the meticulous farming and observation that takes place throughout the year, by the time fruit starts to reach the cellar in autumn much of the blends have already been mapped out for Laurel. When the primary fermentation are winding down these decisions begin to coalesce and wines intended for Laurel are racked into a combination of 20hl  wooden tanks, second- and third-fill 228L French oak barrels and clay amphorae. It rests for 16-18 months before final blending and bottling before it is sold to restaurants and shops alike.


When it comes to dessert, I can be very indecisive. In this instance I couldn’t choose a dessert, so I opted for everything instead. It was just fresh, homemade and yummy.


If you’re looking for a different experience of understated modern representation of Catalan cuisines, then this is your place. The service was great, the staff were friendly and explained each dish as it was served. Petit Comitè ticked all the boxes, great lighting, sophisticated food, an absolute top class service and a great atmosphere. The gluten free options were fabulous and an expected surprise.

The wines were also a hit, and if you are anything like me, a curious and inquisitive kind of person, don’t just settle for one dish because it seems “safe”, experience something new, as you won’t be disappointed. If your looking for somewhere a little bit more rustic and with more character, then book a table as soon as you can. Thank you for such a fabulous night out.


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  • Address: Passatge de la Concepció, 13, 08008 Barcelona, Spain
  • Phone: +34 936 33 76 27

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