Plastic Bottle – Stop Drinking Your Plastic

Plastic Bottle – Stop Drinking Your Plastic

Plastic water bottles continue to make rounds in the news for their increased environmental negative effects. So much so, that you should start considering the use of other reusable water bottle options.

Still not convinced?

Here are some things you should know about plastic water bottles, and good reasons to ditch them:

1. Where Does Your Water Come from?

Many of us are quite ignorant about where the water in these bottles come from. For several consumers, there is the assumption that bottled water is of higher quality than non-bottled variants. This is fueled by the misconception that bottled water is gotten from fresh streams of water, but that is the exception rather than the rule. Sorry to burst your bubble; but your special brand of bottled drinking water might have nothing special attached to it- other than the branding.

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2. Your Bottled Water May Not Even Be Filtered

This is the sad reality. The bottled water you drink, depicted to be of high quality, might not even be filtered. Although some manufacturers go through the additional process of filtering their water, quite a number of them do not. What does this say about you paying so much money for something that’s not worth it? Sad!

Recent studies have found bottled water to contain contaminants such as microbes, arsenic, mold, and microbes. A better option might be filtering your tap water and putting it in a stainless steel water bottles.

3. Plastic Contains Toxins that Seep into the Bottled Water

It’s pretty scary to realize that you might be putting your health at risk by the use of plastic water bottles. These bottles contain toxins that could seep into the water, especially when left to stand for a while. Water is supposed to be safe; why risk ingesting chemicals along with it?

Some of these toxins can lead to cancers, and damage to several organs such as the liver and kidney. These toxins can accumulate in your system for years, causing these negative effects over the long-term.

4. That Plastic Bottle Can Cause Fertility Problems!

Fertility issues can be caused by injudicious use of plastic water bottles. This is especially true with bottles that contain BPA. BPA had been discovered to have some negative endocrine issues because of its faux-estrogen content, which is tied to birth defects and developmental anomalies. The effects could even be long-lasting in children; inclusive of certain cancers.

5. Increased Risk of Diseases in Adults

These toxins found in plastic water bottles have been discovered to cause an increase in disease risk in adults. Increased BPA in water and consequently, in the bodies and fluids of people who drink such bottled water, leads to an increase in cardiovascular disease risk and Type 2 Diabetes risk.

BHPF, another common compound found as a component of plastic bottles also has terrible side effects. What this translates into, is that you need to avoid drinking bottled water as much as you can.

6. You Might Be Drinking Microplastics

As you drink water out of plastic water bottles, keep in mind that you are likely taking in tiny bits of plastic- now called microplastics. These substances were confirmed to be present in reputable studies, like one such study by the World Health Organization, which showed how over 90% of plastic bottle brands have plastic fibers as components of the water in them.


Wrapping It Up

Need we say more? Live a healthier life, by using less plastic water bottles, and safer options, such as stainless steel bottles.
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