Chiang Mai is the largest city in mountainous Northern Thailand. Tucked away in a secluded road in one of Chiang Mai’s centuries old communities, not far from the Ping river, is a luxury boutique hotel called Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel. Yes that is quiet a mouth full for a hotel name. This boutique hotel has a total of 30 rooms and was built in a contemporary Lanna Oriental architectural style, inspired by traditional homes from the region.


I arrived by taxi and the first thing I noticed was the secluded garden setting which was stunning, and is a clear message of a place of peace, tranquility and pure luxury. At the main entrance was a large open patio with a gorgeous pillowed lounge in the middle, it was a beautiful welcome to the Puripunn. This hotel was saturated with fresh roses throughout and the attention to detail regarding décor, interior design and ambiance is why the Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel keeps being awarded as one of the top hotels to stay in Chiang Mai. They are proud of it looking at the multiple awards on display in the reception area.

Swimming Pool

I arrived in Chiang Mai in August and this is the monsoon season, most days are hot and humid with the occasional shower. In this hot weather there nothing better then a nice swim and the Puripunn has a lovely secluded pool in a beautiful garden setting. In the middle of the pool was the Jacuzzi and this area was covered from the sun, which is great in the soaring heat of Chiang Mai.

Spa – The Sala

It was lovely to see a professional dedicated spa area which smelt and looked fantastic. The environment sets the right tone regarding wellness. I chose two treatments the first being, a 90 minute Puripunn aroma massage which was wonderful. This massage began with a nice hot bowl which was used to clean my feet along side some aroma steamed smells. When I laid faced down to get my massage, I loved the roses being my view point during the massage. The treatment was professionally done and I felt wonderful and relaxed.

The second 90 minute treatment I chose was then aroma oil massage with herbal hot compress. The combination of the oils alongside the herbal hot compress released much of my muscle tension. During my 3 months of travelling with various modes of transport my body and back got very stiff. Hence why I recommend everyone to pamper themselves whilst here in Thailand. It certainly makes my travel experience more tolerable. There are always cheaper options on the high streets or in the back alleys, but nothing is more alluring and enticing as Spa treatments such as this in which the environment matches the professional service. To avoid missing out, make sure to book in advance.


The restaurant setting was lovely and I adored the concertina doors overlooking the garden. The food was excellent and beautifully presented. The dishes were big portions and lots of fresh produce was used. There were plenty of choices on the menu and the restaurant targets guests from all around the world. I had a prawn cocktail as a starter and it was the best entrée dish I have had, no wonder it was called herbs of a thousand island dressing.

The children’s choices were excellent too. The beverages were lovely presented. If you can’t be bothered venturing out to eat, the value for money here was second to none.

My starter

Family Suite – Colonial Inspired Décor

My room was on the first floor and walking up the wooden stairs I was greeted by a long narrow tiled corridor which was wonderful. At the end of this corridor I was welcomed by a stunning two bedroom boutique suite, it was the icing on the cake. This dedicated family room easily hosts a family of four. The décor, layout and ambiance were the reasons I hardly left this suite during my stay. The two rooms were separated by open door shutters which was so lovely. The beds were super cosy and the art work alongside the furniture made it very relaxing. There were plenty of charging areas for my technology and there was a dedicated working desk. I liked how the fridge and TV were behind a wooden door, so that whenever I felt I wanted a clean slick room, I could hide all my clutter behind closed doors including the TV.

The separate room was brilliant for the children to play and have a place where they could create their own fantasy playground. There were double door shutters opening up to a balcony. This balcony had a chairs and also a nice bench to enjoy views overlooking the garden and pool area. It was the perfect setting to take in Chiang Mai’s hidden treasures, especially hearing the very loud frogs at night, this was nature at its best.


I adored the bathroom area. It had its own pair of shutters when opened overlooked the rest of my suite or when closed shut everyone out. The bath was deep, wide and long, making it very comfortable to soak the day away. The green tiled décor added the perfect setting for colonial living. The separate shower and toilet were good for added privacy.

My stay was enhanced with fluffy towels and fresh roses. The Puripunn understands perfectly what is needed for a luxury stay.


Weather permitting breakfast is a part outdoor part indoor affair. Some part of the breakfast, mainly the eggs where cooked outside in the lovely garden and also some other food was on display here. The forbidden fruits were my favourite, I am referring to a wide selection of high tea cakes, with the banana cake my favourite. They were freshly made daily and wonderful with a nice iced coffee. I liked option of freshly made eggs to my liking, and this was one of the reasons I soaked up as much breakfast time here as possible.

The fruits in Thailand are wonderful and the way they were presented, including the love heart shape watermelon, is why my children ate so well. An unusual touch were the cherry tomatoes and the green and black olive options, this was refreshing to have. Coming from Europe it was nice to eat some of these after many weeks without. In observing other international guests, I could see breakfast was a success and the service was excellent.


The more I experience the world of smaller boutique hotels the less I want to return to my middle class way of life. Thailand is a culture where people serve with a giving heart. Nothing is too much to ask or too much of an effort, especially at the Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai. In speaking to the owner, this luxury lifestyle they have created is a passion and an art of giving and serving. During my stay I observed the staff building a very personal rapport with house guests. I noticed that the average guest stays at the Puripunn at least several days, some even a week. The Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel has its competition in Chiang Mai, but nothing comes close enough to its award winning approach of the luxury stay. This is why I would return here on my next visit to Chiang Mai.


  • Room reviewed: Puripunn Family Room
  • Website:
  • Address: 104/1, Charoen Mueang soi 2, Chaoren Mueang Rd.,, T. Wat Gate, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand
  • Phone: +66 53 244 567