Summer is in full swing and swim shorts are becoming an almost daily wear. The funny thing is, i’m not that interested in how ‘swimmable’ the shorts are. I’m interested in how they look and feel to wear. There are so many new style’s out there and it really comes down to personal choice. For me I don’t like to draw attention to myself and therefore loud prints are not for me. I was able to get a pair of Seagale swim shorts with the sole purpose of letting you know what they’re like! If you’re ONLY interested in my final thoughts, skip right down to the bottom. If you want to get into the details, continue reading.

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Who are Seagale?

Seagale are a company located in Paris and their sole purpose in to create luxury swim shorts that are both stylish and quality. The whole experience ordering online and chatting with their staff was a pleasure and they even offered me help on which colour to pick! Where else would you get that type of help?

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As you may have noticed from my previous reviews, packaging is important to me. It shapes the way I perceive the product inside. If done well, it creates such a positive experience of both the product and the brand as a whole.

Seagale’s packaging was not there to disappoint. The uniquely shaped box showed me that they had given slightly more thought to the packaging than most others. Not seen this for most swim shorts, hence they make a great gift.

Segale Swim Shorts MenStyleFashion Review


No matter how stylish a pair of shorts might be, comfort is a must for us men. I feel like I speak for most men when I say we have a lower tolerance for discomfort compared to our female counterparts. Comfort is a first or second priority when choosing clothing for us men.

Wearing the shorts was actually a little more comfortable than I anticipated. I wear shorts basically all year round so I thought I knew what to expect. When it comes to swimming it is important that your private parts are not on show whilst swimming. If you’re surfing those summer waves this is a challenge in itself. How many of you guys have worn your underwear, under your swim shorts, to avoid embarrassing moments?  So I was pleased to see, on the inside of the shorts there is a lining that hugs your leg. This makes perfect sense and there is that reassurance of everything being intact.

The hugging of your leg allows the outer part of the short to fall without restriction or wrinkling. It meant that they looked exactly like they would on a model (perfect) but without preparation. For me this was ingenious, because they looked good once out of the water and also when they dried up, you could walk to a beach bar and still look presentable.

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The tailored style of the shorts made them the perfect beach day piece. I really put them to the test last weekend by walking more than 3 miles, lounging on the beach and getting in the freezing English channel for a swim.

The shorts suited each aspect of my day on a practical and style level. The shorts, without a doubt, looked more like shorts you wear on a hot summer’s day. I hate carrying to much clothes on the beach.  So in this case, know one noticed they were swim shorts. I team them with a t-shirt and your swim shorts would blend in with the rest of the guys at the bar.

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As a daily short wearer, I felt as if I had found a pair of shorts that I would be wearing on every sunny day I encountered. The quality of the materials, the thought that went into the inner lining and the practicality of the shorts have left a lasting feeling of pride in wearing them.

I would personally recommend Seagale to any man. Check them out and experience them for yourself.

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