As the maker of the world’s finest driving sunglass and the pioneer of photochromic technology, sunglasses manufacturer Serengeti has teamed up with 24 Hours of Le Mans to become a 24H of Le Mans Official Licensee and has launched a limited edition sunglass collection. It is a perfect partnership between Serengeti and 24 Hours of Le Mans as both Serengeti and 24 Hours of Le Mans are the pioneers of technology and performance. Since 1923, 24 Hours of Le Mans has been the story of men and machines, internationally recognized as the most difficult motor sports race in the world, famous for endurance and the quest for performance. As the pioneer of Photochromic and Spectral Control® technology, Serengeti launched the world’s finest driving lens in 1982 and remains today the most technically advanced sun lens in the sunglass industry.

The Serengeti / 24 Hours of Le Mans Limited Edition sunglass collection features 6 models in various colourways and the best of Serengeti technology in polarized mineral and polarized PhD Trivex lenses. Serengeti sunglasses offer the absolute best in lens technology and feature unparalleled attention to detail. Serengeti Photochromic lenses work by adjusting to changing light conditions so your eyes don’t have to. Serengeti Photochromic lenses with Spectral Control® darken in bright sunlight, lighten in low light and overcast conditions and filter out the shorter blue light waves that cause atmospheric haze and glare thus reducing eye fatigue and delivering the ultimate in visual acuity. This amazing versatility is why Serengeti sunglasses are the preferred choice of drivers. Serengeti technology is designed so that drivers can effortlessly see every road detail and improve their performance. The ‘driving’ colours red, green and yellow are subtly highlighted so brake lights, traffic signals and road signs are more visible, more quickly.

Giancarlo Fisichella

I had the pleasure to meet and ask a few questions to racing car driver  Giancarlo Fisichella. He is the ambassador for Serengeti Eyewear and raced at this years Le Mans 24 for Ferrari. Listen to why he chooses to wear and work with Serengeti Eyewear.

The frame designs were inspired by the history and heritage of both Serengeti and 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Panarea 24h RRP £199

Fabrice Bourrigaud, Director of Le Mans Spirit at the ACO declared: “We are really happy to partner
with Serengeti Eyewear who have huge experience and a recognized know-how in the sunglass
industry. It really makes sense for the ACO to start this partnership and we are excited to offer our fans
sunglasses that provide superior performance, quality, style and with a special design using Le Mans

The 24h Le Mans by Serengeti Limited Edition Collection comprises of 6 models in various colourways and is available from selected Serengeti stockists.

About Serengeti Sunglasses

Serengeti sunglasses are currently the most efficient for automobile driving, thanks to the unique combination of three exclusive glass technologies: Photochromic, which allows Serengeti lenses to change shade instantaneously depending on the light conditions The Spectral Control® filter which absorbs 95% of harmful blue light and offers unrivalled improvement in contrast and shade
Polarization, specially designed to eliminate dazzling and provide unmatched comfort.

About the 24 Hours of Le Mans

We all have a memory of a particular race which saw a new human achievement or a ground-breaking technological breakthrough. And now, Le Mans 24 Hours event is more than a legendary motor race ; it is also a brand which conveys two sets of values: “innovation & performance” and “chic & glamour”. A flagship brand, it is modern, timeless, universal and a source of pride because it is quite unique.