Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel – Directly Connected

Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel – Directly Connected

Luxury-Month-Amsterdam-300In the last few months and more so the next few weeks I will be jet-setting all over Europe. On this occasion I took a bus from Andorra which takes about 3 hours to get to Barcelona, then a flight to Schiphol airport. I was very exhausted and when I saw how close Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel was, an overwhelming relief came over me. Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel is directly connected to Schiphol Airport,  it’s literally a 5 minute walk once you come out of arrivals hall. Just take the escalator up towards car park exit and in 3 minutes there is the hotel.

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Club Room

I was given a Club Room which has access to the Club Lounge with complimentary breakfast and including afternoon hors d’oeuvres and a variety of beverage options throughout the day. The Club Room includes,  complimentary internet access during your stay and free access to the Sheraton Fitness area.  As a guest of the Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel you can make use of the VIP services of the VIP center of Schiphol. This was great because I came through the door after travelling the whole day. So being greeted to quick check in and have access to food and drinks straight away just makes your stay less stressing.

You have to appreciate this airport hosts business people or customers waiting for connecting flights, the rooms are very clean, simple and business focused. What is fantastic is the 360 degree view of the airport alone. If you’re staying with children it is a perfect and unique way of entertaining your children, by just looking at what happens at an airport. You can see how close my room was to the airport and I only realized one hour into my stay, that never once I heard planes or the hustle and bustle of airport living. The room is a dead silence and therefore sleeping at anytime is not an issue when it comes to noise. So if you’ve landed from a long hall close those curtains and sleep at your convenience, or if you have to depart early you can do the same. The bed linen was nice and the bed itself was huge and I slept like a baby. The bathroom was big and having an option for a bath or a dedicated shower was nice to have. I don’t know about you but when I land from a long haul flight I want a quick shower and jump into bed for a long nap.

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Club Lounge View

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My Bedroom view


I had two options for breakfast, either sit in the Club Lounge on the eighth floor or head down to the second floor at the Voyager restaurant. I  wanted a different view and experience of the hotel, so I chose the Voyager restaurant  More and more it was great to see hotels embracing healthy options for breakfast. The food choice was more than enough and very fresh indeed. I chose for a fresh omelet which was really yummy. It was nice to see the local cuisine such as pancakes for which the Dutch are famous. I liked the Asian food option too such as dim sum. The setting is lovely and again having  a different view of what is happening outside is great for children.

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For anyone travelling a lot or if you need to stay close to an airport the Sheraton Amsterdam Airport hotel is your place. It is the closest hotel available to you at Schiphol.  Having this option for me is priceless. I was informed, starting this week that they are revamping the restaurant and VIP club lounge. So in a few months time it is going to have the latest VIP experiences for an airport hotel. The staff were great and having such close access to the airport and train station, gives you so much access to the city of Amsterdam, which was only 15 minutes away. So if you have 24 hours I would highly recommend staying here and go see Amsterdam.  If your time is limited, this hotel ticks all the travelling boxes. Thanks for a great stay and I hope to stay there again.


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