There is a lot of debate among men about whether it’s “ok” to put those colored laces you bought because they are cool on those boots or dress shoes you bought because they are cool. Well, they are cool right? So you should probably lace them up and go to the boardroom, café, date, or your friend’s wedding. Honestly what better way to add a little spark and creativity this upcoming Spring/Summer season than changing your laces? For one, it’ll definitely set you apart from the dreary and boring, also it’s simple and takes little effort. It’s important to remember, as a general rule for color matching with laces, to cut across the grain and by that I mean choose a color that closely matches the color of the footwear in terms of hue: so for brown shoes your best bet is either red, orange, yellow or anything really close to that.


Changing Your Laces

But that is if you are more on the conservative side of creativity if that is even a “thing”. If you’re looking for a little more flair, as if the color wasn’t enough flair, then again don’t stray too far: choose the closest color pairing to the color of the shoe and then what closely matches that color, which always is its complement. There are boot specific laces popping up rapidly on the market for the more professional leaning individuals that come waxed in many colors. More important than anything though, choose your belt according to your shoe color not the color of the laces (same goes for the shirt and everything else unless it’s black/blue then you ought to be fine).

So please if you’re considering throwing away those laces or doubting your creative side, please think twice and step into some colorful comfort for all our sake.

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