Vaping has become the choice for many who enjoy cannabis, and with it now being legal o use cannabis in plenty of states there has been a great development in the world of cannabis vaping. For example, if you want to see a great range of the best dab pens from top makers we recommend you click that link.

But things can become quite confusing. If you’re unfamiliar with dabbing you need to read on as this may be quite enlightening. Let’s begin by explaining what we mean by a dab.

What is a Dab?

Dabbing is one method of enjoying cannabis vapes. A dab is also known as wax extract, so remember that if somebody talks about a wax pen, they are referring to a dab pen. The wax is extracted from the cannabis plant. Dabbing is among the most potent of all methods of enjoying cannabis, as well as being less cumbersome, wasteful, and messy than vaping dry herb.

A reputable supplier will offer various different dab concentrations, but we remind you that everyone is a wax concentrate. Prepare for a different experience to your usual smoke or vaped dry herb. What is a dab pen, and do you need the other dabbing instrument, the dab rig?

What is a Dab Pen?

A dab pen is a portable vape device also known as a wax pen. Further confusion is caused by the fact that many are no longer pen-shaped. The name applied to the early models as they were in fact long and thin.

The modern dab pen consists of a body which contains the electronics to make it work, the chamber into which the wax is placed, and a battery. The battery heats another component – known as the coil or atomizer – to the temperature at which the wax vaporizes. This is usually done by pressing a button a set number of times.

The pen also has a mouthpiece attached through which the user inhales the cloud. Some vape pens are simple and basic, others are more sophisticated and come with features such as variable voltage, complex mouthpieces for better airflow, and other features. In a fast-changing market expect to find new features and functions as developments are made.

So, a dab pen is a portable device for vaping cannabis, so what about the dab rig?

What is a Dab Rig?

A dab rig is your equivalent of a bong, but for wax concentrate instead of dry herb. This is an altogether bigger device that works in a similar way to the bong with the dab concentrate placed on a nail, then heated, and then passing through the usual chambers on the way to the mouthpiece.

A dab rig is not something you can carry around with you as it is not designed to be portable. Instead, the rig is a nicely built but fragile item if moved, and one that is designed for use in the home, and perhaps when you have friends around.

Be aware that the hit you get from using concentrate in a dab rig is the most powerful and potent you will experience, so this is not a method that newcomers to the world of vaping cannabis should begin with.


Should you be an experienced user of cannabis vaping and want the most powerful hit, by all means, buy a good quality rig for home use. But you will also need a good vape pen for when you are not at home. Check out that link we gave you for inspiration and you’ll soon be up and running.