Stand Out From The Crowd – Three Independent Fashion Brands

Stand Out From The Crowd – Three Independent Fashion Brands

Stand Out From the Crowd – Shop Independent

Walk around any busy city centre and you are almost guaranteed to see hordes of men sporting the same garments.  There are several problems that this poses:

  • It makes your look seem generic.
  • You lose the personal touch to your style.
  • Lastly and possibly the worst realisation, it suits the other person better than it suits you.

If you identify with any of these, then this article is for you. To avoid looking like another generic guy in the crowd then my advice to you is to start ordering from independent brands. With so many new labels popping up there has never been such a wide variety of choice for men’s clothes.

Here are three brands for you to check out.

Why Not Clothing

Why Not Clothing or WNC are a Manchester based brand established in 2012, their tag line is ‘Not just a brand but a statement’. Why Not Clothing specialise in urban street wear, reviving looks such as acid wash, dip dye and most recently featuring tartan in their A/W 14 collection. Why Not are definitely a brand to check out for affordable pieces that will set you apart from your friends.

Why Not Clothing

Photo Credit – Robert Walker

Jilted Royalty

Jilted Royalty is a street wear brand offering everything from shirts to bandanas. The brands founder Jay Read gives the sense that the brand is very personal, referring to Jilted Royalty as a family.

The brand states ‘It’s not about money, it’s about quality’. Expect quality garments, with hard hitting loud prints and an undeniable inner city style.

Jilted Royalty

Photo by: Jilted Royalty

All Round Clothing

All Round Clothing are a fun, light hearted brand offering a range of quirky prints and accessories, they even sell plush versions of their squirrel logo.

Launched in 2011 All Round Clothing are focused on developing as a brand, with aspirations to not be just ‘another t-shirt company’. All Round Clothing are definitely a brand to check out as we move into the spring/summer season.

All Round Clothing

Photo By: All Round Clothing


These are just three examples of the large amount of independent brands that are out there. Find one that suits your style and give them a try, not only will you be able to stand out from the crowd but you’ll also be supporting independently owned businesses.

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'Fresh out of university and into the corporate world Darrian is a freelance writer with passions for snowsports, travel, food and of course men's fashion. On men's style Darrian comments that 'style should be unique to a person, you can draw inspiration from others but ultimately you should develop your own personal style'.Darrian can be contacted via his Twitter account @DarrianZJG. Protection Status

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