If you want to discover the best men’s speedo swimwear that is built for comfort, endurance, and style then look no further than Italy itself. Wearing speedos is a personal preference but here in Italy, it is worn with confidence and without any shame. Men are not afraid to flaunt the size of their penis let alone their balls no matter what their age. So if there is a nation that you always wanted to wear speedos and haven’t quite got the balls to try them. Then come join MenStyleFashion on the beach runway here in Italy. There is no body shaming in Italy when it comes to wearing speedos.

So what is hot here in Italy when it comes to speedo ball flaunting swimwear?

Italian men are a great example of body shaming those who dare not to wear speedos.

Swimwear Speedo

“In an age where body shaming of the male form remains high, this is a niche market,” Maxin notes. “Men who wear our briefs are making a statement about their confidence. Still, in L.A. where we’re based, it’s still a double-edge sword with a big contrast from the people who are naysayers or think briefs are only for the gay crowd.”

Swimwear Speedo

Although most men will have to “burn some fats”  before putting on those speedos, Italian men are confident about their own bodies.

Italian men wearing speedos stand strong and tall whilst chatting away showcasing their great bodies. We actually noticed on average men aged forty plus had body confidence some chose to pose the Italian colours wearing their speedos.

Smack, bang on their big confident balls.

Are Speedos Comfortable

“Generally, men find Speedos to be more comfortable than boardshorts. Speedos don’t chafe; they dry faster; and they allow you to tan better, too.”

Swimwear Speedo

Do Women Find Speedos Attractive?

We can only say it is a personal preference and if your manhood is well stocked why not flaunt it. Italian women certainly stand tall and proud of their men at the beaches. Italian men wearing speedos is very common it is part of their DNA. Hence body shaming has no place here in Italy regarding speedo swimwear.

Swimwear Speedo

Cultural Differences For Speedos

We were in Australia recently at the most popular swimming destinations Surfers Paradise, and Byron Bay. We rarely saw anyone wearing Speedos, including famous Thor actor, Chris Hemsworth.

Sadly it is a cultural choice and bullying to some degree regarding speedo wear. Since the majority of people don’t wear brief-cut swimwear, anyone who does is automatically subject to greater scrutiny, which can be challenging even to those who are comfortable with their bodies.

Italian men love to wear a bright colour and floral speedos it is an example of ball braking confidence.

Swimwear Speedo Swimwear Speedo

Body Confidence Versus Body Shaming

The truth be told we are all gripped by fear when one is showcasing swimwear. We are as men feel the extra pressure of waxing our hair chest too. But here in Italy, they don’t give a hoot hairy chests are just part of who they are.  Italian men are a great example of body shaming those who dare not to wear speedos and who are not afraid of having hair on their chest.

Swimwear Speedo

We did notice lots of tattoo art been showcased here on the beach. As for sunscreen or in this case the lack of care of wearing it was odd to see. Please make sure you put on sunscreen no matter your skin type, we all will cook one way or another.

Swimwear Speedo

Swimwear Speedo

Speedo Or Not To Speedo

If body confidence is what you are seeking. If plenty of public attention is what you thrive on then you are Mr 2019 Speedo kinda guy. be inspired by Italian men.  Wear your speedos with pride,  be like the Italian Stallions here and flaunt your balls no matter what body shape, age, or size you are.

Have a great summer MenStyleFashion certainly will be wearing speedos not afraid showcasing our big balls with pride.

Swimwear Speedo