Yorkshire Dales, is an amazing part of Britain. Whilst touring in the New Bentley GT Continental I found my jewel in the crown, called Swinton Estate. Nestled in the heart of the Estate, within  200 acres of stunning grounds, is Swinton Park Hotel Country Club And Spa. I was entering Swinton Park, to enjoy the finer things in life, to be immersed in history, and to surround myself by nature. During my stay I had horrible British weather, it did not deter my mood, nothing was going to interrupt my stay here.

Swinto Estate Owl called Willow Swinton Estate Yorkshire Dales

Estate Surrounding And Wild life

When I was driving to the Thomas Danby Castle, I noticed fallow deers peering at me. The estate is prime breeding ground, producing fawn in the summer.  The state actually has many other preys to meet as well.  One of the activities I chose to partake in was falconry at the Birds of Prey Centre. This was the very first time I have seen or met owls. They are the most intriguing animals on earth and the synergy between them and me driving the New GT, illustrated my quirky personality. Just like an owl, I was growing wise with each hour that passed. I got to know the ins and outs of this castle more and more. With views among this estate and the sound of birdsong greeting me in the morning, this was the ideal place to embrace British nature and wildlife.

Swinton Estate Bird Life MenStyleFashion Bentley GT Swinton Estate Bird Life MenStyleFashion Bentley GT

Guests who want combine the luxury of Swinton Park Estate can choose to stay in rustic woodland which is just a five-minute walk from the famous Bivouac Cafe Bistro.

Swinton Estate Bird Life MenStyleFashion Bentley GTSwinton Park Estate MenStyleFashion Bentley GT Continental (2) Swinton Park Estate MenStyleFashion Bentley GT Continental (2)

Interior Design

I have never met a Lord, but a met with the owner Lord Cunliff-Lister. He insisted I called him Mark. During the tour Mark went on to describe the history of the estate, from the 17th century to 2018. I was shocked to hear that his uncle had decided to sell the estate’s Castle, a moment of madness for me personally. Mark Cunliffe-Lister biggest challenge, was to successfully buy it back and restore it to its former glory.

swinton park estate

The future now belonga into the hand of several family members, Mark Cunliffe-Lister, Baron of Masham, alongside his brother, sister and Susan. They have been able to create a hotel and estate that is welcoming, and successful in its own right. As I walked around the castle at various different times of the day, I couldn’t help pondering how much history had been made here over the years, including some political ones. For those historic lovers, do take the time and walk around the castle and read what has happened here over the years.

Swinton Park Estate MenStyleFashion Bentley GT Continental (2)

Within the luxury castle hotel there are many envious examples of opulent furnishings, with antiques and family portraits of those who have left part of their soul here over the years. Adding to the mood were the wooden floors making creaky noises as I ventured through the castle. There was so much role playing in mind here, I could only describe myself as the modern leather wearing lady of the manor.

Swinton Estate Park Hotel Yorkshire dales Gracie OpulanzaPublic rooms at Swinton Estate Park hotel Yorkshire Dale Public rooms at Swinton Estate Park hotel Yorkshire Dales

Swinton Park Estate corridors

Fine Dining

I had the pleasure of having breakfast in the most precious of public rooms of the Swinton Estate. The setting and ambience here were amazing and to be able to look out onto the estate was an example of the great outdoor way of starting my day. As well as the usual Full English, options include eggs royale or florentine, or my choice of toasted rye bread topped with poached organic  eggs and avocado. It tasted yummy! There were plenty of other options, and I loved how locally grown produce was served when in season.

Swinto Park Estate Breakfast Bentley GT Gracie Opulanza

Locally grown food came from its newest addition called The Terrace. This is where you can find carefully tended vegetables from the semi-wild walled garden, foraged herbs and garnishes from around the estate. I was served various dishes that were unique and tasted great. Many locals opt to eat here whilst enjoying their spa treatments during the day.

Swinton Estate Yorkshire Dales - Luxury Castle Hotel Stay Swinton Estate Yorkshire Dales - Luxury Castle Hotel Stay The Terrace Swinton Estate Yorkshire Dales MenStyleFashion 5star hotel park

Country Club And Spa

I travel to South East Asia many times and have experienced amazing spa treatments. I was half expecting and add on here when I was given the tour. It has to be one of the best Spa environments for me in the UK. The state of the art latest spa facilities here were amazing. On arrival, I was greeted with a robe, towel and flip flops. The private staircase leads to the pool and thermal suite, with indoor seating overlooking the gardens and the outdoor natural pool. The pool is for those brave enough to swim in the cold. I loved how there was a very hot luxurious cedar hot tub to jump in and out of. This was the perfect way to get my blood pumping hard and fast.

The most unique experience had to be the outdoor pristine beds with warm water bottles, pure woollen blankets and hand-knitted socks. From here I could soak up the Yorkshire Dales smells and wildlife. This was a real treat and a very cool experience. Other facilities that make the spa complete were the aroma steam room, foot spa, a salt steam room and a very powerful hydrotherapy pool.

Country Club and spa Swinton Estate Yorkshire Dales menstylefashion 2018 United Kingdom Castle Spa treatment (8) Country Club and Spa Swinton Estate Yorkshire Dales menstylefashion 2018 United Kingdom Castle Spa treatment (8) Swinton Estate Yorkshire Dales menstylefashion 2018 United Kingdom Castle Spa treatment Country Club and Spa

Dukes Bedroom

There are 32 unique bedrooms and suites which are individually designed and furnished, all inspired by the Dales, castles, abbeys and towns nearby. The Dukes bedrooms are very large rooms with sitting areas. The dual views thanks to my two large windows allowed me to overlook the grounds, gatehouse and beyond. I was able to look out at the fallow deers, which was a beautiful way to wake up in the morning. I did feel like Rapunzel, in where I was overlooking the turret day and night, which was very romantic and a fairy-tale in-itself.

The most unique room in the castle is The Turret, which is spread over three separate floors. Unfortunately, it was booked, so maybe my next visit I get to experience it.

Swinton Estate Turret Yorkshire dales

There are very few colours that are as timelessly and stylish as mustard and red. Especially when it comes to interior designs as opulent as this. The dark oak wood furnishing was of a very high standard and the space to lounge around was stunning. I loved sipping my complimentary Raisthorpe Manor Sloe Gin, whilst enjoying in my dedicated sitting area.

swinton park estate harrogate suite (2)swinton park estate harrogate suite (2)

There were three in the bed and the little one said rollover. On this occasion, sadly there was only me and my fluffy dog. This was a very, very large, comfortable bed and I loved looking up at the very high ceilings, reminding me that I was staying in a stunning historical castle. That is what thoughtful design means here at Swinton Estate.

Harrogate Suite Swinton Estate Yorkshire DalesHarrogate Suite Swinton Estate Yorkshire Dale Harrogate Suite Swinton Estate Yorkshire Dale


The large decorative bathroom had lovely decor, bringing nature into this room via the use of nature-inspired wallpaper. It was a beautiful touch and created a nice atmosphere to relax, which is great after a day of walking the grounds of Swinton Estate. The exotic basin just added to the finest touches throughout the bathroom. The attention to detail was why every part of my stay here was brilliant. I loved the wooden inspired flooring in the bathroom, giving it a very cosy feel.

Harrogate Suite Swinton Estate Yorkshire DaleHarrogate Suite Swinton Estate Yorkshire Dale

Thomas Danby Castle

Over the last two months, I have reviewed over 23 luxury cars and the Bentley GT Continental is my final one for the year as I am now slowly venturing to Australia. If I died tomorrow, what a way to end life here at Swinton Estate. Make sure you book a stay here it is a memory you will treasure.

Bentley GT Continental Grand Tourer Heads Up DisplaySwinton Park Estate MenStyleFashion Bentley GT Continental (2) Bentley GT Continental Grand Tourer Night Vision Bentley GT Continental Grand Tourer Swinton Estate Gracie Opulanza