Hats are finally seeing a revival in men’s fashion. For decades, the baseball cap was the sole staple in headwear for men. Well, no longer!

In fact, according to GQ, some of today’s hottest style icons are wearing hats of every kind. Even the bucket hat is having a comeback. That’s because, in the age of Zoom meetings and Instagram selfies, hats are a great way to make a statement.

These days, hats for men come in all shapes and sizes. You may have big ears, full hair, or thick eyebrows. Whether you rock a man bun or a bald head, there’s a hat for you. Plus, with adjustable caps and hats for large heads, there’s nothing stopping you from finding that perfect fit.

For Men With Short Hair: The Newsboy Cap

Newsboy caps are understated but classy, just like short hairstyles. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Newsies,” you know exactly what this style looks like. These hats are characterized by their distinct primary feature: the body of the cap is pulled forward over the brim.

newsboy cap

These days, modern newsboy caps litter the streets. But their history goes back as far as the 14th century. If you are ready to implement a newsboy cap into your lineup, keep these tips in mind:

  • Wear your newsboy cap with casual, but stylish, attire (we recommend jeans and a well-cut jacket)
  • Opt for a hat in navy or black
  • During the winter months, try a newsboy cap made of wool

These hats lend themselves to casual activities. But really, there’s no limit to where and when you can wear a newsboy cap. Any man can wear this type of hat. But we think they look especially smart on men with short, clean-cut hair.

For Men With Medium-Length Hair: The Bucket Hat

The great thing about medium-length hair is the style’s versatility. At this length, you can wear your hair slicked back or loose. You can even opt for a middle or side part. This kind of flexibility means you should choose an equally flexible hat. Enter the bucket hat.

Bucket hat

Bucket hats are especially stylish when worn with streetwear. You can wear it with an oversized white tee and baggy jeans. Or, opt for a more formal look by donning a blazer and slacks. If your hair is on the fuller side, choose a bucket hat with a taller crown.

The best part about bucket hats is that you can buy them from some of today’s best brands. Addidas, Champion, Nike, and Valentino all make these stylish caps.

For Men With Long Hair: The Baseball Cap

camera man baseball cap

According to Forbes.com, the coronavirus has sparked a fresh wave of long hairstyles for men. As men spend less time in the office during lockdown, they seem to be more willing to let their locks grow free. But even the most free-spirited of individuals will want to pull their hair back from time to time. This is where the baseball cap enters the scene.

Because a longer hairstyle will give you more volume, you’ll need to be careful when choosing your hat. We recommend you opt for a ball cap with a flex-fit band. A hat that fits poorly will give you an unkempt appearance while it’s on and hat hair when you take it off.

The great thing about a baseball cap is that it gives you a few options for styling your hair. You can leave your hair loose or tie it back into a ponytail or bun. Here’s a pro tip: use your hands to flatten or curve the bill to your liking.

For Men With Full Hair: The Satin-Lined Knit Cap

A knit cap is a functional and stylish classic. But you can take your hat game to the next level by investing in knit caps that are lined with satin. This is an especially great idea if you have full hair. Here are three reasons why:

Kristian Kite Beany hat

  1. Because satin is smooth, it will keep your hair sleek, healthy, and hydrated. If you worry about split ends, frizzing, and/or drying out, opt for a satin-lined cap.
  2. Did you know that healthy hair grows faster? If you’re looking for more length, that’s one more reason to invest in satin.
  3. Satin is much more comfortable than other linings out there. So with these kinds of hats, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

Another great thing about satin-lined knit caps is that they are extremely versatile. The only question is, should you wear yours cuffed or uncuffed?

For Men With Thin Hair: The Straw Hat

Contrary to some urban myths, wearing a hat does not cause hair to be thin. Instead, hats are a great choice for men who are self-conscious about the state of their hair. If your hair is a little thinner than it used to be, we recommend a straw hat. Here’s why:

straw hat for men

  • It’s the perfect, lightweight choice for summer
  • It can be adapted to casual and formal events
  • It will protect your head and face from the sun

We aren’t the only ones who think straw hats make a great summer accessory. They’re becoming more popular every day.

For Men With No Hair: The Fedora

A bald head is a bold choice. Pair your forward hairstyle with an equally forward hat: the fedora. Just be sure to find a topper that fits you perfectly. You want a hat that looks good and feels right.

fedora hat

We recommend that you only wear fedoras on days that are less than hot. Fall, winter, and spring are perfect times for this heavier hat. But on those hot and humid summer days, opt for something much lighter.

Discover a Bold, New You With Men’s Hats

man wearing fedora hat

Women have been dominating the hat market for decades. But it seems that headwear for men is finally making a comeback. If you’re ready to venture into the world of hats, don’t let a distinct hairstyle hold you back. Whether you have thick hair, thin hair, or no hair at all, there is a perfectly complementary option out there.