Cannabis in Canada was made legal by the government in 2018 with the hopes of reducing criminality, protecting the youth, and protecting the health of the public. Whether you use cannabic for medicinal or recreational purposes what you need to know are the best dispensaries you have at your disposal.

1. Canna Cabana Red Deer dispensary

The Red Deer dispensary is located in the perfect place for lovers of sights and a great view, Red Deer city was named the Cultural Capital of Canada in 2003. Red Deer is Canna Cabana’s headquarters for selling and a dispensary as well. Canna Cabana’s mission is to “provide a welcoming and positive place for smokers new a veteran, young and old.” Over ten years ago they began as a place for smokers to gather and ensemble, talking about their favourite gear or strains. They keep their roots close to heart and still provide everything you need for a perfect smoking setup: bongs, grinders, pipes, glass cleaners, vaporizers, everything.

In the store, the cannabis is laid out for you to see so there’s no ordering off a menu that always confuses you. You can take your time and browse through the store as you scope out the available products and get recommendations and advice from the Cabana team. The store also sells a wide range of edibles from chocolate, gummies, and delicious beverages they have got everything.

Canna Cabana Red Deer also has an online shop where you can browse, order, and pick up in-store whenever is suitable for you. The online store sells all of the goods that are available in the store. However, what makes this dispensary unique isn’t what they sell but the environment they create for smokers to come together and have a good time.

2. Ontario cannabis store (OCS)

OCS has stores all around Ontario from the East, GTA, North, Toronto, and West wherever you are you’ll be able to find one. OCS manages a legal monopoly over online retail of recreational cannabis, distributed wholesale to privately operated retailers and consumers. According to their website, they are the only legal online retailer of recreational cannabis in Ontario. They only sell to customers over the age of 19 and are a crown agency solely owned by the Province of Ontario. They work with a group of licensed producers authorized by Health Canada.

Their website provides detailed and accurate education opportunities for consumers to learn more about cannabis and its responsible use. They make sure their staff provides the correct information for customers to make the right choices surrounding health, safety and how to buy weed packs. One of the most unique things about OCS is its priority for social responsibility. Other than education for weed usage they also have information regarding sustainability. With information written about how to recycle cannabis packaging and the involvement of the indigenous community in the cannabis industry.

Other than this the products they sell are vast and interesting. They have three hemp strains to choose from Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, and the hybrid, available in flower form, pre-rolled, or seeds. There are more categories sold such as vapes, extracts, edibles, and topicals. Specifically, their edibles seem to be one of the most popular with products ranging from soft chews, hard edibles, baked, chocolates, and beverages.

3. Dutch Love

One of the most interesting and unique cannabis stores in Canada, Dutch love aims to change the industry by adapting the experience of buying cannabis. They do a great job of making customers feel disarmed, compassionate and human while purchasing from their store. They state, “Mother Earth put this good plant here with a purpose – let us introduce you to a few of them”. Starting off in the hospitality business two decades ago running public houses, cocktail clubs, and barbershops, Dutch Love has created a successful modern retail brand. This dispensary is filled with an affinity for culture, warm service, and great products. There are stores all over Canada: on Main Street, Vancouver; Meadows, Saskatoon; Theatre District, Toronto; Mission, Calgary, and many more.

Dutch Love also offers delivery however their speciality is the experience of buying from them in-store. They sell flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and vapes of all different varieties. The store also provides a membership that allows you access to limited offers, giveaways, and online events.

Dutch Love caters well to their customers, providing 15% off their products Monday to Thursday from 2-5 pm plus more discounts if you are a part of their Breakfast Club membership. Their stores are designed to give off a calming atmosphere almost similar to that of Korean minimalistic coffee shops. When you walk in you are surrounded by nice wooden furniture, comfortable couches, and a sleek design of shelves and desks that display their products.

4. The Cure Parlour

Established in 2015 in Vancouver British Columbia The Cure Parlour provides customers with delicious sweets in edible form. With recipes that are created in-house by their professionally trained pastry chef, they use the highest level of quality ingredients in all their products. When you buy from The Cure Parlour you aren’t just paying for a boring cannabis brownie. The products by The Cure Parlour are fun, exciting, and delicious. Their aim is to make their customers (patients in need or recreational users wanting to have fun and relax) experience a sense of nostalgia back to a time where there were no worries. Their motto is, “Pain-free, relaxation, that’s delicious.” Currently the store ships all over Canada except to Quebec.

Their list of edibles on the menu is vast including products like Milkshake PHO, Birthday Cake Cookie, Blizzard Bombs, CBD Honey, Fluffernut Cookies, and more. The gummy squares are very popular with 20mg of THC per square and 15 squares per package. These gummies have no preservatives and are made fresh, they up to 1 week in the fridge. Their organic honey and peanut butter are also great products. With 250mg of THC per jar, these spreads are a perfect condiment for incorporating cannabis into daily life.

5. Spiritleaf

Spiritleaf is a modern cannabis retail store and dispensary that offers legitimate, reputable, and professional products. They aim to be the most popular and trusted source of recreational cannabis. They offer a great customer experience that entails high-quality products and a feeling of confidence to take on the world.

The shop aesthetic is quite unique, it gives off a rustic, outdoor, adventurous feel to it. Other than just products they also offer cannabis education, making sure their customers have access to resources helping to educate on the responsibility of cannabis usage.

They offer a wide variety of strains. The White Widow – one of the most popular strains in the world – is known for its high potency and balanced effects. It is one of those strains to drink coffee and sit down with friends. The white widow is a balanced hybrid with a high THC composition. Northern Lights is a strain perfect for an unwinding evening at home or on the beach by a fire. The strain gives off an earthy taste of honey and spine. Pink Kush is another popular strain they sell, this won the Canadian Cannabis Cup for Best Hybrid in 2017 and Best Indica in 2019. This is one of the most searched-for strains in the world and Spiritleaf provides it. Lastly, the GG4 strain dominates the recreational market. Best for usage at the end of the day, this strain is potent in THC levels and has offered a lot to the cannabis industry around the world.