Safety technology in cars has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. There are now all kinds of incredible safety features available in automobiles which have already saved lives and stopped countless collisions from occurring or minimized the impact of these collisions. Here is a closer look at a few of the safety tech features that have been introduced in the last few years.

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

AEB is a remarkable safety feature that has been introduced in recent times and one that has saved many lives. AEB constantly scans the road ahead and can apply the brakes automatically if it detects that a collision is imminent. This can either stop the collision from occurring or reduce collision speed. Fortunately, AEB is widespread and available in most modern cars (although sometimes under a different name). This also means that it can be found in the used car market when you shop at places that sell used cars.

Blind-Spot Warning

Every motorist worries about their blind spot and particularly when parking or traveling at high speeds. The blind-spot warning system constantly monitors your blind spot and will alert the driver of a vehicle’s presence. There may be an additional warning if a vehicle is in the blind spot and the user attempts to change lane. Again, this system is quite common in modern vehicles and a fantastic safety feature to have.

Safety Exit Assist

This new safety feature has been introduced by Hyundai but it is likely to be available in a wide range of cars in the near future. Safety exit assist can stop a passenger from opening the door to exit the vehicle when vehicles or bicycles are approaching – this is a system that will appeal to parents who often worry about their kids exiting the vehicle safely.

Facial Recognition

Another new system which is starting to appear in a number of different cars, facial recognition will constantly monitor the driver’s level of alertness and give warning when they are not paying attention. It can be incredibly difficult to tell when you are too drowsy to drive, so this important system could help to save lives and stop accidents from occurring.

Lane Departure Warning/Keep Assist

These two features both work to make sure that you stay in your lane. Lane departure warning will alert the driver if they begin to drift outside of their lane without indicating, whilst lane keep assist can gently steer you back into your lane if you start to drift out. One of these systems is available in most modern day cars.

Safety technology has evolved at a rapid rate with the above being just a few of the standout systems, but there are sure to be many more great advances to come in the near future.