The Car Crash Conundrum – Cost Saving Tips

The Car Crash Conundrum – Cost Saving Tips

So, you’ve snagged one of the latest car deals in Australia and have purchased yourself a brand new vehicle. If so, congratulations! Purchasing a brand new car is an exciting experience for anyone, regardless if it is your first-ever vehicle or simply an upgrade from your previous car. As we all know, owning a vehicle comes with costs throughout the year. When times are tough, it is important that we find ways to maximise our dollars, and today we are here to show you how you can cut down the costs of your new vehicle. Grab a cuppa and read on to find out more!


1.    Regular Maintenance is Key

Servicing your car is one of the responsibilities that come with owning a vehicle. As a general rule, all car owners should book their car in for professional servicing at least once every six months. However, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore regular maintenance practices along the way. Regular maintenance of your car can help your new car run better and last longer. We recommend checking your car once a month and doing small, simple repairs on your own. This will ensure that any potentially-costly issues don’t build up come servicing time, thus saving you big bucks in the long run.


2.   Always Change Your Engine Oil

Did you know that engine oil helps lubricate your car engine, allowing internal parts of your car to work together effectively without overheating? For this reason alone, it is always recommended that you change your engine oil at least twice a year. Over time, engine oil breaks down and causes erosion. Engine oil that is contaminated can lead to costly problems down the road, which is why you should be paying attention to it at all times.


3.   Lighten The Load

This is something that not many are aware of – but excess and unnecessary cargo in your car can weigh your vehicle down when you drive. Why is this a bad thing? Well, the excess weight can put pressure on your tyres, suspension and require more fuel top-ups than if your car was rid of unnecessary belongings. If you’re looking to reduce your running costs, the time has come to get rid of that old tool kit, suitcase and dumbbells that have been sitting in your trunk for the last few weeks.


4.   Keep Your Tyres Well Inflated

Tyre replacements can cost you thousands of dollars, which is why we always recommend taking good care of your existing ones. Your tyre care routine should include always ensuring that they are well inflated, checking pressure regularly and ensuring there is enough tread. Incorrect pressure in your tyres can also reduce your fuel efficiency, resulting in more money spent on petrol. Maintaining good tyre pressure is a fantastic way to ensure that they last for years to come.


5.   Cut Down on Air Conditioning Usage

Last but certainly by no means least, one of the best ways to cut down the costs of your new vehicle is to reduce the use of its air conditioner. Air conditioning can reduce fuel efficiency by up to 20% which is why we recommend using your car’s flow through the ventilation system instead. It is also good to remember that you should avoid having the windows rolled down when driving at high speeds as the drag effect it creates can make it more difficult to drive efficiently, thus reducing your overall fuel efficiency levels.

And there you have it – 5 simple ways in which you can greatly cut down the costs of your new vehicle. We hope you have enjoyed today’s article and that it has given you some insights into how to increase the efficiency of your new car. Protection Status

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