The London Golf Club – Galvin Green & Dom Reilly Mansbag

The London Golf Club – Galvin Green & Dom Reilly Mansbag

The London Golf Clublondon-luxury-week-2015-300x120 known as ‘The London Club’ in golfing circles is understood to be one of Britain’s most treasured courses. Having hosted some of the worlds most prestigious tournaments, The London Club is well versed in competition. As part of Luxury Week, we were able to gain access to this exclusive course and try out some of its facilities.

Some of you may know that I am an ex-golfer and that I have played in tournaments around the world against some of the 2015’s best players. In conjunction with Galvin Green from, I set out to experience the best that The London Club has to offer.

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The Driving Range

I first went over to the 1oo% grass range to find a pyramid of balls waiting for me to start practising. The conditions for practice were perfect, the hitting bays were immaculate and the range was full of targets at various distances. If you play golf yourself, you’ll know how much better it is to have plenty targets at varying distances.

The Putting Green

Before I continue, I want to stress that I was experiencing the facilities in December when most courses are gradually decreasing in condition. If not for the cold conditions, I wouldn’t have known the course was in ‘December’ condition. The putting green was as pure as a carpet and rolled about as fast too! Not once did I see a putt bobble or hop on the surface and the ball always rolled out naturally. I have honestly never seen a course’s conditions so good in winter months.

The International Course

I was fortunate enough to play the International Course and was given a buggy to do so! As I have mentioned before, the conditions of the course and facilities we out of this world considering the month and season. I have never played a course in December that matches this level of upkeep. As a +1 handicap, I found the course challenging but I could imagine going really low there.

The Staff

One thing that makes a golf club a ‘club’ is the staff and its members. I think this aspect of The London Club is what sets them apart from other high-end prestigious golf clubs. The staff are extremely professional but appropriately laid-back. I arrived to the course in a Bentley and we were greeted by a very enthusiastic marshal who ended with us in a great conversation!

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Dom Reilly

We are MenStyleFashion so today I took my Dom Reilly Michael Johnson Performance bag  and it really suited the image of a golfer. This bag makes you organised and the zips are smooth. The bag really does what it says its functional and performs in the way a bag should. When you are scooting around the golf course let alone running to an airport it gives you that cool luxury factor feeling.

In regards to its performance around the range I can honestly say it handled every move in pure luxury style. The lining of the bang is super cool and you can spill anything in there and a simple wipe cleans the mess. Most mansbags can be very heavy but to keep the weight to a minimum, the bag features panels made from the highest quality Italian nylon. Inside there are separate pockets for an iPad, laptop, valuables and a handy fob for my Bentley keys. I mean how many times do we lose our keys at the gym or you have to pull out everything to find your keys.

I love this the MJP bag because it has a hidden shoe pocket, which is accessible from the outside and is both retractable and expandable. Out on the golf course today it was muddy and wet. No messing about here with this nifty shoe pocket.

I noticed some guys really looking at the bag whilst out and about. I also took it to Gatwick and it turned heads for sure. The leather is lovely the colour is vibrant and people did ask where my bag was from. It is a classy gym bag slash travel bag too one I was proud to scoot around with. In fact this bag looks and performs well anywhere.

Galvin Green

Galvin Green is the Chanel of outdoor clothing with a focus on Golf. It’s a brand in golf that can literally change how you play just by the way it makes you feel. If you’re anything of a sports fan, you’ll know that an athletes psychology plays a massive role in the overall performance so if you can find clothing that brings the better performance you’re onto a winner. I had access to a variety of pieces from Galvin Green and each one seems as if it were made to bring the best out of me. I get comfort, style and functionality from each piece. One of the best places I have seen that you can get Galvin Green is where you can find basically every item they have ever created.


So what makes the London Golf Club worth visiting? You might expect the course to be the ONE attraction and you wouldn’t be wrong but it is paramount that you experience the people that make the London Golf Club the prestigious club it is. Without the staff, this would merely be a couple of great courses. With the staff, this course becomes a club that you want to be part of. If you can’t afford a membership, go and experience the club for a day and you won’t regret it.

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