Weighing Your Options with No Exam Whole Life Insurance

Finding a way to sort through all the options available to you when it comes to getting no exam whole life insurance can be difficult. You must weigh each option carefully and decide which option is right for your financial goals, situation, and ideal outcomes. As you do so, you will see that some options that don’t require an exam can bring more costs than traditional life insurance and that some offer low payouts when you work with some companies.

This is an essential decision that many people want to make right in the first round, so they carefully measure the pros and cons of each option to see what’s right for them. To begin with, you may have already decided that a life insurance policy with an exam is not right for you because it may disqualify you. In addition, you may be of advanced age, have issues with your health, or have been rejected from policies that require exams in the past.

For this very reason, this article is all about how to choose no exam whole life insurance the smart way. Through reading this piece, you can see which policy option might be right for you by weighing the pros and cons of each. As you look into each policy, think about the reasons that you are seeking a no exam whole life insurance policy. Consider how you can make the best of the few downsides of choosing this kind of insurance for yourself and your family.

Read on to see the ways that a life insurance policy without medical exams from Sproutt can be to your advantage. Also, discover the few downsides of choosing such a policy in comparison to traditional life insurance policies with pesky exams. The examples below will help you make the right choices.

Notes on General Advantages and Disadvantages of No Exam Policies

The most obvious point about no exam whole life insurance, in general, is that you are more likely to get approved without disclosing sensitive, risky health information. But, many policies will still require you to answer a few simple questions about your most recent hospitalizations and health. Once you give correct and transparent answers to your insurer, they will evaluate you for one of their policies.

Nevertheless, as you read the pros and cons in this post, you must understand that each policy is custom to your experience and responses. We can only spell out the most important and helpful information that distinguishes them from each other. The specifics, such as the price you’ll pay and the payout you can receive, will differ person to person because of differences in health, lifestyle, budget, and concern.

Comparing No Exam Whole Life Insurance Pros and Cons

Here, we offer some of the most desirable and important choices in no exam insurance from a trusted insurer, Sproutt. The selections in this list fit many different budgets and desires for payouts, so they are a good example of what you can expect from similar insurers. All of the choices do not require a medical exam, so you never need to worry about that! (And, that’s a big advantage over traditional insurance.)

The Simple Choice

Perhaps all you need is a policy that can cover the bases affordably. Sproutt gives policies like this for those who are seeking a lower payment with the tradeoff of a lower payout at the activation stage of the policy.

You could end up paying merely $60 every month for a policy amount of up to $250,000. Many people find this rate advantageous because of its minimal commitment level while still getting the peace of mind of having a life insurance policy. If you want to find out more, complete a survey from Sproutt to see if it’s a good fit for you.

The Smarter Choice

Another suitable option for many has the slight drawback of a higher payment, but the big advantage of offering the potential for $500,000 in payouts at the completion of the policy. It will cost around $100 every month for you to enjoy this perk. You can learn more about this option by filling out the survey we linked above.

The Best Choice

For those that want the pro of the most comprehensive coverage option, a payout of $750,000 is suitable. For this impressive payout, you can pay a steeper but still reasonable amount of around $100 per month. The benefit is really the gift that it can bring to your loved ones after the heartbreak of losing the insured. But, it’s also much more of a commitment than the simple choice.

Obtain No Exam Life Insurance with Sproutt

We hope you learned more about your options by reading the advantages and disadvantages of different policy amounts, rates, and payouts. Sproutt offers these competitive rates and benefits to help people meet their financial and personal goals as they waive the medical appointment requirement of traditional policies.

Go to Sproutt to discover the best policy for you by getting a quote. After you review your options more specifically, you can make the pro and con calculation that best fits your needs and situation.