The vaping industry is going from strength to strength, with research by Gallup showing that many young smokers are switching from smoking to vaping devices. There is a myriad of trends that are boosting the popularity of vaping, including newfangled vape juice flavors, tiny portable devices, and carbon-negative, disposable devices. Smartphones are also playing a role in enhancing the vaping experience, thanks to the development of dedicated Bluetooth software. How are smartphones proving to be an intelligent ally for portable vaping devices?

Doing Away with Digital Displays

Connecting your portable vaping device to your phone removes the need for a digital display, which most devices have. These digital screens allow users to select temperatures with greater flexibility and extreme precision. For instance, they can be set to the closest 1.5ºC. Analog models, on the other hand, have a much wider error margin. With digital vapes, you can select your desired temperature and begin the experience when your devices is ready.

The wide array of new vape juice flavors means that many vapers have their own particular preferences with respect to temperature. Most users report that 216ºC (420ºF) is the sweet spot, as it enables them to taste the full flavor of their chosen liquid without feeling warmth from the vapor.

App Features

There is a select list of apps that helps you make the most of your portable devices. Some allow you to buy accessories, while others create a ‘smart path’ that allows users to control their full vaping experience. For instance, they can set your path to a low temperature to enjoy flavor during a slower, longer vaping session, or opt for a higher temperature to up the level of vapor. Others have different vaping modes to choose from. Vapers can focus on flavor, cloud production, or stealth.

Vaping apps additionally allow you to keep track of where you last connected your device, which makes it easier to find. Apps are a way for users to stay connected and share reviews and tips. Many have features such as favorites tracking, so you can mark the vape juices you enjoyed the most. They also provide users with information about different strains of specific products, including their effect on mood.

Vaping has come a long way over the past few years. Top features users are going gaga over include tiny devices, coil-free devices, and smart pens. Smartphone apps are another successful marketing device that is upping the enjoyment of vaping and honing consumers’ ability to personalize one’s experience. Current apps allow vapers to choose their desired temperature, find a device they have lost, and choose a vaping journey that changes as time goes on.

They also tap into the human need for connection, allowing users to share their opinion on different vape juice flavors and strains. Bluetooth connection enables devices’ batteries to last considerably longer, since a digital display is no longer needed. Finally, new technology invites consumers to produce just as much cloud as they desire, or enjoy their chosen depth of flavor.