With many gyms in a precarious position at the moment thanks to coronavirus and lockdowns meaning that we can’t necessarily get out and into our favourite workout spots as much as we have done in the past, many of us are focusing on working out at home. There are some things you have to consider when working out at home that you may not have thought about.

Your neighbours

Particularly if you live above someone else, it’s really important to consider how you can work out to the best of your ability, but without causing too much disruption to anyone else in your building. When choosing bumper plates, for example, check for a consistent dead bounce and a good dense rubber material as this can minimise the noise from drops. You can also invest in noise-reducing matting or flooring, and opt for non-slip workout socks instead of heavy trainers if you are doing cardio.


The amount of space you can dedicate to your at-home workouts will have an impact on the type of equipment you will be able to invest in. There is no point in filling your limited space with so many different pieces of equipment that you can’t actually access and use it all, so it’s important to assess the space you have versus the workouts that are important to you. Look for really versatile items that can be used in more than one way or something that doesn’t take up too much space. For example, pull up bars that can be attached to the door frame are a great option as they take up no extra room and can be used for so many variations of exercises around the arms, chest and back. Opt for essentials like kettlebells, skipping ropes and barbells to be able to work a whole load of muscles without taking up too much space. If you want to boost your cardio strength workout, you can use cardio barbells as you can add additional plates for increased intensity

Things to Consider When Working Out At Home


One huge benefit of an established gym is that there is often someone there to tell you if something isn’t safe or to administer first aid if you were to hurt yourself. Make sure you aren’t trying anything dangerous without anyone to spot you or offer support, and have a first aid kit to hand at all times, just in case. If possible, set up a large mirror opposite where you plan to do weights. Not only to check yourself out but also to correct your form and therefore minimise the risk of injury.

There are some great benefits to working out at home. For one, you don’t have to share the equipment or feel self-conscious that anyone is watching you, and the choice of music is entirely your own, so if you want to lift weights to 90’s pop classics, there is no judgement. It also means you can work out whenever you feel the urge, and not have the excuse of having to travel to or from the gym. A home gym is a fantastic way to get fit.