Tips On Choosing The Best UTV Tires To Ensure Your Safety On The Road

Tips On Choosing The Best UTV Tires To Ensure Your Safety On The Road

UTVs or Utility Terrain Vehicles are great investments because these are powerful machines that can do a lot of things. Unlike your regular sedan or SUV, a UTV is built to traverse steep and rocky terrains, without compromising the comfort and safety of the passengers. A UTV is the perfect vehicle for outdoor enthusiasts who would like to try out adrenaline-packed activities.

But, for you to make the most out of your UTV, you need to invest in the best UTV tires first. The tires come in contact with any surface, which means that their quality can affect the traction of the vehicle and the safety of the passengers. Using the wrong UTV tire can adversely affect the performance of the vehicle and can make the experience of the passengers dangerous.

To ensure that your experience with your UTV will be safe and unforgettable, follow these tips when choosing the best UTV tires

Tips On Choosing The Best UTV Tires To Ensure Your Safety On The Road

  1. Determine The Intended Use

As mentioned, a UTV is a very powerful vehicle because you can basically use it anywhere. A UTV is an excellent choice for individuals who would want to “rough it out” or experience the great outdoors. The structure and engine of this vehicle are perfect for any road or weather condition.

However, when you’re buying tires for your UTV, it’s important that you determine its intended use first. Sure, you might be using this vehicle for a lot of things, but for what specific activities are you planning to use the tires for?  Are you going to use your UTV tires when you’re driving through the snow or dunes?  Are you planning to drive your UTV in one kind or different types of terrains?

It’ll be easier for you to buy the best UTV tires if you have answers to these questions. When you know how you’re going to use your UTV and where you’re going to drive it to, you’ll have a better idea of what type of tire to look for.


  1. Match The Correct Type Of Tire

The design and engine of a UTV are very versatile as these can surpass any road or weather condition, but its tires don’t work the same way. On the contrary, different road and weather conditions require different sets of tires. This means that the UTV tires you’ll need when you use your UTV in dunes aren’t the same when you’re driving the vehicle in the snow.

Generally, UTV tires are classified in these types:

  • All-terrain/Trail: As the name suggests, these types of tires can be used for any road or weather condition. All-terrain or trail tires perform well in a wide variety of conditions, making them one of the most chosen tires among UTV drivers.

However, although all-terrain or trail tires have better lateral and vertical stability than other types of tires, they don’t perform well when driven in the mud or snow.

  • Snow/Mud: Driving in the snow and mud can be very exciting, but to ensure your safety, your vehicle should be built for such road conditions. If you’re fond of driving through the snow and mud, look for UTV tires that are specifically designed for these conditions.

Unlike all-terrain or trail tires, snow or mud UTV tires have deeper slugs and are spaced farther apart, providing better traction when driven in slippery road conditions. Snow or mud tires perform their best for their intended use only and might not do the same when driven in hard or turf surfaces.

  • Racing: While some people use their UTVs for recreation and leisure, others use them to win races. If you’re one of the latter, make sure that the tires you’ll buy comply with the regulations of the race. Generally, UTV tires for racing have a unique multi-surface and non-directional tread design to provide the best off-road traction.
  1. Set A Realistic Budget

Price is one of the most crucial deciding factors when buying UTV tires. Sure, this vehicle is your investment, but, more often than not, you would not want to sacrifice other expenses just for the sake of modifying your car or buying brand new UTV tires for it.

The price you’re going to pay for this purchase will depend on the construction and size of the UTV tires you’re eyeing to buy. Usually, the most common size of UTV tire can cost anywhere from $70 to $100, while larger sizes can cost around $85 to $120 per tire.

Tips On Choosing The Best UTV Tires To Ensure Your Safety On The Road

Maintenance Is Important

Your UTV is your investment because you spent a lot of time and money in buying this vehicle. More often than not, you had to save money for years or take out a loan to afford a brand new or used UTV.

Aside from knowing how to choose the best UTV tire, you should also prioritize the maintenance of your vehicle to ensure your safety and the best experience when you’re riding it. Checking the oil, electrical wirings, and tire pressure can go a long way for you to maximize your investment. Protection Status

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