Top 10 Trendy Hairstyles in the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Top 10 Trendy Hairstyles in the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Top 10 Trendy Hairstyles in the 2014 FIFA World Cup

North Americans call it soccer, the English prefer the word ‘football’ and Brazilians call it futebol. Though it has many different names, it’s the sport that’s all the rage at the moment. Biting players, deceased fathers and unexpected losses have caused their fair share of drama not considering everything (besides the games) the players have to prep for including flight plans, uniforms, designer suits and yes, even styling their hair. Here are 10 surprising and trendy hairstyles featuring on players in Rio today.

10 – Raheem Sterling’s Top Mop

This 19 year old midfielder may be a lesser known member of England’s team, but he definitely sports an age appropriate cloud of hair on the top of his head. It’s got volume, height and the enviable ability to remain undisturbed despite Brazil’s weather. The best part about this side buzzed look is that it’s unisex! Ladies, for the female version of this do, look to the adorable Janelle Monae.


9 – Daley Blind’s Effortless Waves

The Dutch have been kicking it (literally!) at FIFA this year thanks to their excellent form. Maybe Blind’s tousled locks inspired them? Probably not but it seems #5 can never have a bad hair day because even when they’re dripping sweat, those well cropped waves stay sexy.

Daley Blind effortless hair

8 – Guillermo Ochoa’s Tight Curls

Nature has blessed this native Mexican with a perm any skilled hairstylist might covet. His spectacular saves prove he’s more than a capable goalie but maybe if he used his mass of hair to trap the ball, it might take off some of the pressure. Who knows, it could even get its own contract! After all, Jon Snow’s curly mop did.


7 – Cristiano Ronaldo’s Supportive Scar

Portugal’s pretty boy isn’t just talented; he (allegedly) has a heart of gold. His originally standard long-on-the-crown-buzzed-on-the-sides do now has a unique zigzag shape shaved into its side. It’s rumored that Ronaldo did this to show support for a young boy whose brain tumor removal surgery would create a similar shaped scar. Whether or not this is true, the haircut certainly makes an impression and nobody would complain if it stayed.


6 – Kyle Beckerman’s Hobo Dreads

Apparently inspired by a Bob Marley obsession, the midfielder for the US’ team has kept his hairdo for nearly a decade. Though deemed ‘dated,’ Beckerman’s hair holds its own during games. Perhaps the force of it whipping back and forth helps his feet to fly. Who knows, really!

Kyle Beckerman USA

5 – Bacary Sagna’s ‘Whoopie’di Do

If you’ve been following the World Cup, you’re familiar with this powerful defender and his noticeable golden braids that fall in a curiously Whoopi Goldberg-esque fashion. Famously known as the result of winning a bet with his father, this hairdo isn’t traditionally attractive but it has attracted a good deal of attention since he put them in at 19.


4 – Asamoah Gyan’s Notorious Numeral

This Ghanaian pro is extremely forward in setting a trend that might catch on among his fans. His jersey number (3) is shaved into the side of his head, while the rest of it features a Mohawk. The fun doesn’t stop there however. Gyan recently dyed the number gold to represent the color on his country’s flag.


3 – Panagiotis Kone’s Va-Va-V(ol)ume

Greek god anyone? This Grecian stud has steely abs that go perfectly with his thick locks, natural fall and gravity defying volume any woman would be jealous of. Although it tries to stay true to form when he plays, Kone’s haircut needs more than a little hair gel to keep it looking stylish through the sweat.


2 – Serey Die’s Ivory Strip

Amongst false rumors of breaking into tears because of his father’s death during Cote d’Ivoire’s national anthem, Die’s hair took a backseat in the news. It’s a noteworthy do because between the regular close shaven skull, a peroxide bleached streak of hair goes all the way down from the crown to the neck. The best part? It doesn’t stay in the center!


1 – Olivier Giroud’s Barbered like Beckham

The French forward seems to be taking his hair cue from Beckham – neatly cut, slick and gelled. It’s no fuss and easy to maintain on the field plus it shows off his manly chin and killer cheekbones. Proves you can’t go wrong when you emulate a soccer god.


To think about how one day, a hair design career could lead you to styling these footballers some day is nothing short of amazing. Makes you want to get started immediately, does it not?

The 2014 World Cup is proving to be one of the most memorable. And these hairstyles are just icing on the cake. Will we see even better ones next World Cup? Let’s see what hits the fields of Russia in 2018.

Here are some hairstyles that did not make it.

Raul-Meireles-(POR) Benoit-Assou-Ekotto-(CAM) Protection Status

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