Around 40 million people in the US own recreational vehicles. That’s a lot of travellers around the country who love to hit the open road whenever they please and enjoy back-to-basics vacations.

RV camping, in particular, offers tons of benefits over different types of camping. You can still experience the great outdoors but with some home comforts, too.

RVing is so appealing that the number of people owning one goes up every year. And if you’re an RV newbie, you need to know some essential RV camping tips.

Read on to discover what those RV tips are!

1. Choose the Right RV for You

The tips for camping in an RV start before you even buy an RV. There are tons of types of RV, and you need to choose the right one for your needs.

First, there are two main types of RV:

  • Motorized RVs
  • Towed RVs

Motorized RVs are one vehicle that you drive and live in. Towed RVs are separate from your car, and you haul them around.

Motorized RVs are available in “classes” that describe their size. For example, Class A motorhomes are huge buses, and Class C motorhomes are small campervans.

These are examples of towed RVs:

No matter which you choose, RVs are expensive. Rent one before you buy it, so you know it’s a good type of RV to camp with.

2. Pick the Best RV Campgrounds

Not all campgrounds are equal when you’re camping in an RV. You need special facilities and amenities that some campgrounds have, and some don’t.

Here are some questions to keep in mind when booking campgrounds:

  • Does it have RV hookups for electric, water, and septic tanks?
  • Does it have a dumping station?
  • Does it have WiFi?
  • Does it accept your type of camper?

If your RV doesn’t have a bathroom, you will need onsite bathroom facilities too. You’ll be glad you followed these RV camping tips at three in the morning after you’ve drunk too many sodas!

3. Follow RV Camping Etiquette

Learning how to camp in an RV isn’t difficult, but there are some things that are better to learn the easy way rather than the hard way. You don’t want to annoy your fellow campers on your first day, they have to avoid their side-eye for the rest of the weekend.

Most campgrounds have a noise curfew, so turn off your generator overnight. Turn off any bright lights, too, and give your neighbour some space if the campground looks empty. Don’t walk through other people’s campgrounds, and don’t leave any trash.

Campsites always have their own rules, so check their website before your stay.

RV Camping Tips: Now You’re Ready to Ride!

If you’ve never been camping in an RV before, it might seem daunting. But practice makes perfect! And now you know the essential RV camping tips, you will be a natural after two or three trips.

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