Top 4 Toys for Guys Who Love To Travel

Top 4 Toys for Guys Who Love To Travel

Here are some top toys for you to take on your travels… Ready. Set. Go.

Dash cams are a great gadget to capture unforgettable moments. We think they are just used for modern times to help prevent fraud, capture accidents and hold proof against bad drivers but that is not all they can be used for. Dash cams are multi-functional and can be used out and about to capture moments for life. How about it?

Dash Cam – Road Trip Anyone?

Dash cams are great for capturing memorable moments and beautiful scenery. Do you ever feel like sometimes you just want to capture moments on the go? That perfect sunset you can see as you drive along the highway? How cool would it be to record your most magical experiences, look back on them and cherish them for life? Well you can – with a dash cam!

A cool and quirky handsfree toy for those of you who love to travel. How does it get any better than this?

Well, manufacturers are upping their game actually, providing wider angles, bigger screens and stunning video quality. A dash cam really is a perfect buy!

Dash Cam

Credit: Canva

Next on the agenda we look at toy number two.

The Electric Bike. Wow!

We should have started with this one, right?!? Right!

So cool. And it gets much better than that. Check this out…It does all the hard work for you so you can enjoy the ride. Sweet!

Benefits of the electric bike include;

  • less damage on your knees and joints (making it perfect for all ages and health)
  • great for the environment (reducing your carbon footprint is key)
  • still classed as mild exercise (so is good for fitness and particularly great for your core muscles)
  • and (wait for it…) you still burn calories (hooray and phew – it’s not cheating)!

All in all its like riding a bike but just easier (a bit like having wind in your sails or a push from behind, a tailwind lets say).

The electric bike (or e-bike as it’s known) has an integrated electric motor – perfect for propulsion (exactly what I was saying when I spoke about the wind in your sails or a push). It’s not just a craze or a one hit wonder. It’s here to stay.

Imagine this. Stunning scenery passing you by using next to no effort. Win-win if you ask me. Enjoy the ride!

Van Moof electric bike


Penultimate toy of the day. What is it? It’s a Kindle.

The Kindle is perfect for those relaxation moments. The times when you just want to unwind and relax your mind. A neat way to end the day. Getting your head into a great book (whilst you bath perhaps) is so fulfilling.

The kindle is slick, compact and neat. It can be taken anywhere and everywhere with an array of books and digital media right at your fingertips.

The mood you are in can determine the book you would like to get into. And with the kindle there is plenty to choose from (in the thousands actually). Its nice to have a book or two (or 2000) handy when you want. What I personally love about the kindle is, it is convenient.

Reading kindle

Credit: Canva

A bonus to the kindle is that you can have access to an all-you-can-read via unlimited access that Kindle now offer. How does it get any better than this?

Think of all those self-development books you can read whilst on your travels. Think of all the self-education you can embark on. Know this. Knowledge is power.

And finally, we have (drum roll please…)

A Journal. Your own personal journal.

A journal I hear you ask? Yes, a journal. Get with the times. In a world where we can get so wrapped up in consumerism, overworking, complicating the mind and so on we can now relax and embark on a whole new world of understanding ourselves and our experiences. Perfect for the traveller.

Journaling is a beautiful and powerful facilitator of self-discovery. My own journaling is how I’ve come to form my sense of identity and path in life. Not only will you have more clarity about your path in life, but you will find that you are more able to make small and large decisions along the way. The pages of your journalwill be the building blocksforthe future world you are creating for yourself. May your journal lead you to destination paradise!

Man writing in journal

Credit: Canva Protection Status

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